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POST 3 MAY 2019

Dear Friends and Family:

    It’s been a little while since I’ve sent you anything, so I am sending this out to let you know a few things that is out there.

    Before I get to that bit of info, I need to let you know about my hours for the summer.  My Friday hours will be cut.  I will be open Friday from 4 – 5:15 pm, and then about 7:30 – 8:30.  This is in part to about getting healthy again.  Of course, most of you know that if you need assistance, I am available most of the time through-out the week, especially if you have ordered a firearm and it comes in early during the week. 

Starting in a couple of weeks I will be closed Friday thru Sunday due to my Clan Donald commitments.   I will post those days of closure on my website soon.  Again, if you need assistance with anything, call/email me and I will try to hook-up with you.

     Smith and Wesson has a rebate going on, “Thank You for Your Service”.   Thanks to Brother Bill for this information!


Offer valid between January 1 - September 30, 2019


This rebate offer is only open to disabled, retired, active, active reservists and honorably discharged members of the U.S. Armed Forces. Rebate offer is limited for up to three (3) new qualifying firearms purchased by an eligible participant from January 1, 2019 to September 30, 2019. Qualifying firearm purchases must be made in one of the 50 U.S. states from any federally licensed firearms dealer.

Rebate submissions must be made online at Smith & Wesson Corp. reserves the right to modify, change or discontinue this rebate offer at any time.
All rebate submissions must be completed online no later than October 31, 2019.

     Please take advantage of this offer if you can.

2.  Starting Monday, I will have my rock bottom price for all firearms on my website.  If you are interested, let me know.  The price will be as stated on the website, which is my bottom line. 

 3.  I still have .40 cal and .357 Sig ammo available.  If you would like to see a price, send me an email and I will let you know what I can do for you.  This is an opportunity to get it at a price I can let it go for.

Have a great weekend and remember:  “Keep your finger off the trigger until you engage your target!”

McDaniel Guns and Ammo

David McDaniel



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Dear Friends and Family:

     PLEASE:  Check with me starting on 28 NOV 2019 BEFORE YOU BUY any Firearm!!!!!!

     My Distributors are having LOTS of Name Brand Items on sale starting 28 NOV 2019, so if you have a specific model or UPC Code, send it to me while you are out shopping or surfing for deals on line, and I'll check what I can do for you!!!!!  

    I also have on hand other parts such as Anderson Receivers, trigger kits, cleaning kits, PMAG's for .223/5.56 MM, some magazines for Walther PK 380, Glock 40 cal 22 rnd MAGS, and Ruger Mags, bore/chamber brushes, patches, etc...….

     Check out my website for the latest/greatest prices on what I have on stock!!!

    Please have a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

    Remember:  Keep your finger off the trigger until you engage your target!!!

McDaniel Guns and Ammo

David McDaniel



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POST 3-30-2018

Dear Friends:
   Just a few notes that I find pretty disturbing that I've included
in the attachment of this email.
     Listen, I wish I could figure out all the freaking problems we
have in this country, but unfortunately, I’m not a mind reader or a
clairvoyant.  All of you know, I don’t get too political on my
website, but when common sense goes off the radar and stupidity and
un-relentless comes into play, I’ve had enough!!!!!
      I’ve included a couple of articles from Buckeye Firearms
Association (BFA), which memberships are available on line by the way.
  I urge you to go to the website
( and
catch up on what is going on in our State with gun legislature.  BFA
is keeping right on top of it.  Their pro-gun mission seems to be
helping us gun owners out.
     I fear that we are giving into the minority of whoever cries the
most will get what they want.  We definitely need to turn these tables
around on these groups.  After all, they practice their 1st Amendment
rights, let’s practice ours!
      It has come to the fact that America is now ruled not by the
right of representation, but by the right of the biggest whiner and
shouter!  So no matter what the majority wants, we are now ruled by
the minority!  Think about it.  We, the majority, have taken not only
the backseat of the bus, but we got off the damn bus and are now
letting other people rule our lives!  We need to support each other
and our cause for our rights!
     What if we choose to stand together at a public place and showed
up with our rifles, or as the opposition calls them, “Assault Rifles”.
How about it???  Can we gather and sling our (Unloaded) firearms on
our shoulder and gather in a place to show support for what we believe
in???   Think we could do it???  Let’s try it.  I’ll check out where
we could do this.  Do you support me?  Let me know, and I’ll check
with our city to see where we could do it.
     As always, keep your finger off the trigger until you engage your target!
McDaniel Guns and Ammo

POST 2-27-2018

Hello one and all!!!

     As promised, here I am for my first big Post in 2018.  Took me long enough.  With the recent School Shooting in FL last week, I have been on the fence about certain aspects of gun control.  The only thing that I have a problem with is the people that have no issues getting a firearm, then they have issues.

      Well, for those fricking liberals out there:  “Give me a “Crystal Ball” so I can see into the future and that way I can refuse someone that may have a problem in the future with a firearm!!!!  As always, we have Liberals that want to take everything away and yet….YET, mind you, that all the freaking Bad Guys are going to get guns on the black market.  Oh, hey, that’s how they get them in the first place!!!!!!

     Perhaps, if I can make a recommendation about the NICS Check?  If you as a gun buyer and are having mental issues and seeing a Doctor or taking medication for mental issues…..have the Doctor report that to the FBI.  It still will not make a difference, but it may help. 

     When the ATF Agent came to interview me for the FFL License, I asked her several questions and one was about if I had a “funny” feeling or knew someone didn’t need to have a gun, what were my options?  She replied that as a FFL, I had the right to deny ANYONE the sale of a gun.  As a matter of fact, my duty was not to sell someone that may be suspicious of certain “unusual” behaviors. 

     Now, most of you know me by word of mouth or by a friend.  If someone is referred to me, I have a good feeling about them.  As a matter of fact, all those that have been referred to me I have a great relationship dealing with them. 

     Recently this past fall, I had a customer that had a gun sent to me for a transfer, which is probably the worst one I have had since I started the business.  He was not part of a referral, and I had not done any business with him before.  So if any of you know someone that may have an issue and has not been in trouble in the past:  Notify your local Authorities!!!  Notify the ATF, Cincinnati:  513-684-3351, Columbus:  614-827-8450.

     OK, now for what is going on in Columbus State House: 

21 gun bills being considered in Ohio, what would they do?  Re-printed from the Journal News, 2-26-2018, Laura Bischoff

  Ohio lawmakers are considering several gun bills, but Gov. John Kasich is signaling that he may not support them all.

  In the wake of the high school shooting in Parkland, Fla., Kasich has formed a group to look into ways Ohio may need to change its laws.

Some of the bills expand gun rights, while others would restrict them.

On Meet the Press Sunday, “if I think it’s going to endanger the public, I’m not going to sign it.”

Specifically, Kasich said he won’t sign a Stand Your Ground bill.

“I’m not signing it. Don’t give it to me.”

Here’s a look at where gun legislation in Ohio currently stands:


Current Gun rights bills pending in the Ohio legislature:

HB373 Allow concealed carry weapons permit holders to carry hidden firearms in courthouses and government buildings.

HB228 and SB180 Change the duty to retreat requirements and shift the burden of proof in self-defense cases to the prosecution.

HB201 and SB142 Eliminate the CCW permit program and allow anyone 21 or older to carry concealed weapons as long they don’t face other legal restrictions.

HB142 Eliminate the requirement that CCW permit holders disclose that they’re carrying a weapon when stopped by police.

HB79 Allow paramedics assigned to SWAT teams to carry weapons.

HB233 Allow CCW permit holders who carry weapons into prohibited areas to only risk facing criminal charges if they refuse to leave.

HB253 and SB208 Allow off-duty police officers to carry firearms in areas that are otherwise prohibited for CCW permit holders.

HB310 Allow elected officeholders with CCW permits to carry weapons in government buildings.

SB234 Bar landlords from banning tenants in subsidized rental properties from having firearms within the unit.

SB81 Change the CCW permit rules for military personnel.

SB122 Allow CCW permit holders to carry hidden guns in the Ohio Statehouse and its grounds.

Current gun restriction bills pending in the Ohio legislature:

HB153 Prohibit imitation firearms that look real.

HB151 Restrict the sale of firearms and require background checks for buyers.

HB305 Require taking away firearms from those prohibited from carrying a gun.

HB33 Mandate safe storage to prevent children from accessing guns.

HB395 and SB 219 Prohibit bump stocks that accelerate semi-automatic firearms’ rate of fire.

HB152 Require hunting licenses to say “firearm restricted” if applicant has a felony record.

SB150 Prohibit a domestic abuser from having a firearm.


     I’m not going to give my opinion; some are just common sense and some are just stupid.  POLITICS…..I get it!!!!

     Now, for your information:  Anything you want is going for a good price, you just need to be patient if you want a good deal.  It is a “Buyers” market out there.  Choose wisely……..

     McDaniel Guns and Ammo will strive to get you the better deal, so please, ask me first before you buy! 

     Don’t forget to check out my website, for the latest, greatest guns I have in stock!!!!!

     As always, keep your finger off the trigger before you engage your target!!!!!  Be careful out there!

     If you know anyone that would like this information, please pass it on to them by all means.  Thank you!

McDaniel Guns and Ammo

David McDaniel



C:  937-657-9243




I took Lora (my adopted daughter) shooting a couple of weeks ago.  By the time we finished shooting, she didn't want to leave the range!  She thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  She had only shot a firearm one time before, and so was quite unfamiliar with safety, immediate action, range etiquette, etc.  But by the time we finished (she shot her .38spl, my 9mm, and my AK-74) she was quite enthused about shooting, and says she can't wait to do it again.

This is just to reinforce your assertion that "You might be surprised!"


POST 7-12-17

CLOSED FRIDAY:  14 JUL 2017.  I will be open Thursday and Saturday.

     Hope all of you are enjoying this early summer and getting some shooting in.  I had a great experience shooting with a couple of friend’s this past Saturday and really enjoyed myself!  I always learn something every time I go to shoot…how to adjust for sites on a firearm, what to look for when a malfunction occurs, and most of all:  SAFETY!  You really need to watch other people as well when you are on a public range.  For Cease Fires, make sure you have cleared your weapon before stepping back off the firing line.


     Just to let you know, if you would like to go shooting, let me know, I will surely try to make an attempt to go with you and help/assist you with pistol or long gun shooting.  If you have never shot before or know someone, ask them to go with you or us!  You might be surprised!

     I had a friend of mine offer to speak to my church group a week ago on gun safety and although I had initially had a great response, only two people showed up.  Anyway, as I tried to explain to people, if you have children or even better yet, grand-children, wouldn’t you think that knowing some safety issues of proper gun handling just in case those loved ones around guns, and maybe not by their choice?????  Think about it… would you handle a situation of your little one handling a gun?   A gun is a tool, you need to know how to use it and what it can do; education of gun safety IS NOT just for gun nuts!!!  The excuse of just not liking guns and not knowing things about guns is more dangerous than trying to disarm a child handling a gun!!!!


     WINCHESTER SPRX 22WMR 40GR FMJ, 50 RND BOX:  $11.25 + Tax (0.76) = $12.01   

     MAGPUL MOE VERTICAL GRIP, BLK, $15.50 + Tax ($1.05) = $16.56

     MAGPUL MS1 MULIT MSSN SLING BLK, (1 OR 2 POINT SLING) (FITS AR TYPE RIFLES) $25.50 +Tax ($1.72) = $27.22



POST 23 MAY 2017

Hello Everyone!  Just letting you know I will be closed 26-27 May (Memorial Day Weekend).  As usual, if you need anything, please let me know and I’ll make every effort to get you what you need!

     For the next few months, I will be closed on Fridays and Saturdays.  Please let me know if you need something, I will do the best I can to support your needs.  Also note that if you buy something and are having it shipped to me, please give me a heads up and a tracking number of the item.  I would appreciate that very much!!  Try not to have anything shipped by air if you can help it, it costs too much!!!!  Have it shipped by UPS if you can,

     I received a shipment of CCI MINI MAG 22 LR HS 100 rnds to a box.  Cost is $8.49+ TAX ($0.57) = $9.06.  Get ‘em while you can!!!!!



REM RM380 .380ACP 2.9" 6-SHOT BLUED, Item Number: G96454, $259.00 plus Tax

REM R51 9MM LUGER +P 3.4" 3-DOT FS 7-SHOT POLYMER, Item Number: G96430, $355.00 + Tax

REM RM380 .380ACP 2.9" 6-SHOT BLUED W/MICRO CRIMSON TRACE, Item Number: G96462, $395.95 + Tax

REM R51 9MM LUGER+P 3.4" 3-DOT 7-SHOT W/CRIMSON TRACE GRIPS, Item Number: G96432, $450.79 + Tax



RUGER AR-556 5.56 SA RFL 16B 30R, ITEM 8500, $579.00 + TAX

BSH QRC CRB 5.56 16I 30R REDDT, ITEM 91046, $559.00 + TAX

S&W M&P15SPTII 223 SA 16B 30R, ITEM 10202, $595 + TAX

RUGER MK-IV TGT 22LR PST 5.5B, ITEM 40101, $389.00 + TAX

DELTON DEDTSPORT-M2 SPORT-M2 5.56MM 16" 30+1 6POS, #: LIP DTSPORT-M2, $444.00 + TAX

TAURUS TA738FS 738FS TCP 380ACP BL 3.3" 6+1, LIP 1-738031FS, $179.00 + TAX



REMEMBER:  Keep your finger off the trigger until you engage your target!

David McDaniel

SGM (RET), US Army

McDaniel Guns and Ammo

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Franklin, OH  45005





12 APRIL 2017

Hello one and all:

Let me explain some definitions: 

     HOME INVASION:  Home invasion differs from burglary in that its perpetrators have a violent intent apart from the unlawful entry itself, specific or general, much the same way as aggravated robbery—personally taking from someone by force—is differentiated from mere larceny (theft alone). As the term becomes more frequently used, particularly by the media, "home invasion" is evolving to identify a particular class of crime that involves multiple perpetrators (two or more); forced entry into a home; occupants who are home at the time of the invasion; use of weapons and physical intimidation; and property theft.[14][unreliable source?]  

     BURGLARY: (also called breaking and entering[1] and sometimes housebreaking)[2] is an unlawful entry into a building or other location for the purposes of committing an offence. Usually that offence is theft, but most jurisdictions include others within the ambit of burglary. To engage in the act of burglary is to burgle (in British English) or to burglarize (in American English).[3]

     Just to confirm a rumor:  Yes, my house was broken into Sunday night.  Woke me up from a dead sleep and thank God I was about 15 seconds too slow after the burglar left……..I would probably have killed that guy that was in my house.  You just don’t know how you would react, but I was in a daze and obviously to the wife, I probably had no concept of what was going on.  I did have my gun in my hand.  Gabi was an early warning, then the blaring siren, but like I said, I was not quite awake.

      Yes, I did have problems when I was younger being a sleep walker…….and now, just not totally awake and not realizing everything going on around me.  Thank God for our Security Alarm Company and our camera system was working well.  Please visit Franklin Ohio Police Department Facebook page: and look for the picture of the burglary on Victoria.  Yes, that’s my back door he broke into.  If you know this guy, report him to the Police.

     After only 2 hours sleep before the break-in, the wife and I couldn’t sleep, after having the Police Department there, contacting CC companies/banks/fraud departments, etc.  We talked about how God protected us.  Maybe it was a good thing I turned the alarm off first, then grabbed my gun and stumbled to the dining area…….God protected us and that thief!  How bad would I have felt for killing a guy over $300 cash????  The burglar did have an entry tool, a screwdriver or small pry bar.  Would it have been a justified shooting?  Yes……but I better not shoot him in the back………then that would be a homicide investigation against me.  He stole a purse and a wallet…all our personal ID’s, Debit/credit cards, CCW License, Driver’s License, everything gone, and even the feeling of being safe in your own home.  I did get my billfold back, it was found on Pennyroyal Road.  Not all contents were in there.  I lost a very valuable “Military” coin, not worth anything to anybody or the open market, but it was mine which cannot be reproduced.   

     Am I mad….hell yes!!!  But again, God protected us; I’m mad at the person that broke into my castle and took what I earned, budgeted, planned, and robbed us of our sense of security! 

    All I can say is: 

1)       KUDOS to the Franklin Police Department!  Nothing but the best for these guys/gals!  You don’t appreciate what they do until you need them!

2)      Praise God for His protection!

3)      How will you react if it happens to you?????   You need to talk to your wife, children and anyone else in your house if the occasion happens in your castle!  Prepare now and do a dry run.  Need to make sure the kids stay in their room, the wife stays behind you, and if you have dogs, maybe (?) let loose as a distraction (?).  You don’t know how to react unless you practice these things.  Silly?  Maybe.  Better to be safe than sorry.

     I believe that I had a HOME INVASION.  The Police report stated Burglary.  Which did you say happen????  Think about it and let me know. 

      Remember, keep your finger off the trigger until you engage your target!  Especially if you are being burglarized!!

     Check out that Home Defense Shotgun on my website and for latest greatest deals!  HTTP://MCDANIEL.BRAVESITES.COM.


McDaniel Guns and Ammo

David McDaniel



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POST 27 JUL 2016

Friends and Family:  Just wanted to let you know I will return to normal hours this week, but closed next week, 5-6 August.  Again, If you need something, contact me and let me know, we can work on an appointment to accommodate both of us!

I had my FFL license renewed since the first of the year and I’m slowly getting around to getting all my Distributors copies of my license.  As I was looking around the different sites, I found this on Spikes Tactical Website:


“In light of the recent and numerous anti-gun and anti-2nd Amendment laws pending across the Nation, We will be joining other manufacturers and distributors and limiting the business we do in states that have limited the right to keep and bear arms for their citizens.

As of today, it will be our policy not to sell prohibited items to law enforcement agencies, government agencies and agents in states, counties, cities and municipalities that have enacted restrictive gun control laws against their citizens. We urge other companies to join in support.



So……with that said, maybe its fricking time someone besides the Government that decides to play hardball with the Government entities that took your gun rights away!  My hat is off to Spikes Tactical!!!!  It’s about time for the Liberal Communist Government Wannebe’s to get a dose of their own damn medicine!!!  HERE-HERE!!!!!

CAN YOU IMAGINE WHAT Colt, Glock, Springfield and Smith & Wesson could do to have such an impact on the Government Law Enforcement communities?????  You need to know that some states do have detrimental gun ownership rules:  New York, Maryland, Delaware, Illinois, and California, just to mention a few.  These states have notoriously fought to keep guns/limitations out of their citizen’s hands.  Now, it’s time for the manufacturers to turn the table on these State Government Law Enforcement Agencies.  Maybe then those states will wake up!!!  I hate to think that first of all, Law Enforcement Agencies in those States have not reacted already, but yes, they are fully aware of taking away your 2nd Amendment rights.  Better not be from OH and get caught with a Concealed carry gun on you in those states…….

     One company went a step further….MAGPUL Industries moved their operation out of Colorado due to legislation action caused many of its products to be illegal in where they were being made.   Magpul relocated its main office to TX and the factory to Wyoming.  That was a lot of revenue lost to Colorado.  Sorry about their luck!  NOT!!!!!!

     Word to the wise:  This election I believe is going to be a close one.  I believe that one party will utterly destroy our 2nd Amendment right.  I don’t know about you, but I’m not letting anyone take my guns and ammo away.  All they will get will be lead……………….

     I’ve posted a Rock River Arms Daily Special……Please react ASAP if you would like one of these!!!!!

     Remember to keep your finger off the trigger before you engage your target!!!!

We ALL shall see the Lord one day.....please don't make me hurry up to set up the meeting.”

David McDaniel

McDaniel Guns and Ammo





POST 6-13-2016

Friends and Family:  Looks like my summer hours are going into effect starting this week.  I will only be "Open Thursdays from 5-8 pm."  If you need something, ammo, quote, etc., let me know and we can make an appointment that will be convenient for both of us...even on a Sunday.
     PLEASE NOTE:  If you are placing an order thru an Internet company: Buds Guns, KY Gun Club, Midway, etc., please DO NOT Expedite your order (2 day delivery)!!   They usually send it to me in 3-4 days, but charge you unnecessary postage fees!  Also, if they deliver and we aren't home, I will try to get it that night, but usually miss their warehouse hours, causing further delays.   Try to avoid a Friday delivery.  I will not be able to sign for the item on Fridays for the next couple of months.  If you can't, that's OK, I will get it the following Monday.  Just trying to let you know my summer schedule.  
     COLT FIREARMS UPDATE:  I tried to get the local FFL dealers involved in a Colt deal, but unfortunately, things didn't work out.  I still am unable to get Colt Firearms due to Colt's policy.
     NEW PROCEDURE FOR NICS CHECK:  Ohio Law and the ATF changed the procedure for NICS background checks, which has been approved by the ATF.  Ohio CCW's can now be excluded from NICS checks if you have a current CCW License that was issued on or after MARCH 23, 2015,  This will qualify as alternative to the NICS  background check.  You still must complete the ATF Form 4473, Firearms transaction record.  I will need your Ohio Drivers License and your CCW License, which I must copy and post with your 4473.
     Sorry if you received your CCW before 23 March 2015, you will have to have a NICS check...unfortunately, I fall into that category too!!!!!  Please do not argue with me on what the letter states.   I have provided a copy for you. I've already printed out four to customers, but will need to charge from here on out, $1.00 per copy.

I have new rifles coming in later this week…..keep looking at the website for updates.

Remember to keep your finger off the trigger until you engage your target!!!


David McDaniel

McDaniel Guns and Ammo





POST 5-4-2016

Hello All!   Some great weather we had to go shooting at the range.  Just to let you know that I will be closed Friday and Saturday this week.  I will be home Wednesday (4-6) and Thursday (5-8), so if you have something you need to pick up, please let me know or just stop by. 

    NEW DISTRIBUTOR:   now have a new Distributor:  Palmetto State Armory!  See website:  If you have been ordering thru them…………call me first for a better deal!!!!  I get dealer costs for items.  If you have been ordering lowers and receivers…I can probably save you a $150-$200……call me!!!

    LOST FIRING PIN:  Have you ever lost a firing pin???  I have!!!  Just recently lost my Makarov firing pin for my carry/conceal… about a mess!!!!   I lost it at the range.  I partially disassembled my pistol and must have dropped it.  Crap!!!!!!!

     BOLT KIT:  Just last week I cleaned my M4 that I took out and zeroed.  As I was cleaning it, I dropped the extractor.  Picking it up off the carpet…the extractor spring and the extractor insert came off.  Boy…talk about panicking!!!!!  It took me just a couple of minutes to find them, but man….I thought, I don’t have any replacement parts!!! 

     Well, never fear!!!!   Dave is here!!!!  I know have AR15/M4 Bolt parts!!!   I bought a parts kit to keep on hand, so if you ever lose a spring, extractor pin or insert……call me!!!!

     I’m not going to take apart anything for a while!!!!

    NEED TO BORROW SHOTGUN:  I need help on this!  I have a woman customer that wants to try a pistol type grip rather than the traditional type shoulder stock.  Does anyone have one that I could borrow for a day or two?   Please let me know.  Need sometime next week.

     Please check out the website:

     Thanks and remember to keep your finger off the trigger until you engage your target!!!


McDaniel Guns and Ammo

David McDaniel


C:  937-657-9243



POST 8 AUG 2015

Hello all! NO GUNS FOR SOCIAL SECURITY RECIPIENTS?: Seems like it never ends. Recently several articles have been written on this subject. See this link to Los Angeles Times reported on 18 JUL 2015: Per Buckeye Firearms Association, 3 AUG 2015: : “The Social Security Administration standards for “incompetence” are similar; it is merely a bureaucratic finding that the person’s interests are best served by having their benefits processed through what they call a “Representative Payee” rather than going directly to the beneficiary. If the Obama administration gets its way, all of these people will also be prohibited from ever possessing a firearm or ammunition – even under close supervision – for the rest of their lives.” What does this all mean? Reading different articles there is no definitive answer right now. If I am on SS, do I get my FFL License revoked? I think it comes down to if you are on record or file as having an issue with competency and having a fiduciary handle your affairs…….(as what has happened with a lot of people that have been rated by the VA) your going to not be eligible for buying firearms or ammo. I believe you really need to read in depth on these articles. All articles I have read don’t come right out and specify who/when etc., but I believe that may be coming down the road. I’m really getting tired of Congress trying to tell the American Taxpayer what they can and can’t do! As I have said before…..we need to tell Congress to shut the hell up and get out and make a living like the rest of us who are working. “Career Politicians are the most dangerous persona for Democracy. They forget about the average American and pursue their own ideologies for their own personal gain. Those ‘Career Politicians’ will kill the American Dream. “ Quote by David A. McDaniel OHIO SALES TAX HOLIDAY: I really got excited today when I leaned of the Ohio Sales tax Holiday. Unfortunately, it only covers these items: During this holiday, the following items are exempt from sales and use tax: • An item of clothing priced at $75 or less; • An item of school supplies priced at $20 or less; and • An item of school instructional material priced at $20 or less. Items used in a trade or business are not exempt under the sales tax holiday. Sorry if you planned on buying lots of ammo and firearms during this period…..but remember: McDaniel Guns and Ammo will give you the best possible price to help keep that sales tax down!!!! REGULAR HOURS THIS WEEK: Since most of our Clan Donald Scottish Highland Games are nearly over, my hours this week will be normal: Thursday and Friday: 5 to 8 PM and Saturday 12 to 4 PM. Make sure you get stocked up on ammo this week for the range! Need targets? See me!! Shoot-N-C targets on hand...and better priced than Wal-Mart! SAFETY: Remember to keep safety in mind when you are at the range! Not only watch your friends, but others around you as well! And don’t forget to watch yourself! Please visit my website for the latest Firearms I have on hand: www:// Remember: Keep your finger off the trigger until you engage your target! Dave McDaniel McDaniel Guns and Ammo Owner

4 JUN 2015

Well, it’s been a while since I have done anything on this website, so I thought I would put a few notes together for you to look at here.

     NEW ITEMS:  I got two new guns in the past couple of weeks:  Ruger 22/45 Lite .22 LR 4.4” BULL AS Deep Blue Anodized and Ruger SR 556 Rifle 30 Shot Black Six Position Stock. 

     Ruger seems to be my “Go To” firearm as far as target shooting with pistols.  I always warm up shooting my Ruger MKII Pistol, an oldie but goodie!  As far as Rifles; I shoot my old Savage .22 single shot bolt action…….My Grandpa would be proud to know I still have this old rifle he gave me some 52 years ago.  It so accurate, despite all the abuse as a kid, my kids, and my granddaughter have put it through.  Some guns you have aren’t worth a whole lot, but sentimental wise, this old rifle had four generations shoot it……that means a lot more to me than money!!!!

     As far as shooting anything else, I usually have 2 more handguns and about 3 -4 more rifles to shoot when I do go target shooting.  I just love to shoot!  It’s amazing how you get hooked, it’s a competition thing with me and whoever I go shoot with.  Sometimes I just can’t seem to get into the bull’s-eye, but if they were a real person…….they’d have wet themselves really bad I was so close.

     SAFETY:  Had a co-worker tell me about an incident at a ODNR Range.  Someone called a cease fire at a range.  The co-worker was clearing/emptying his gun when the “Cease Fire” guy yelled at him to put his gun down.   Who is correct?   Rule 2 of ODNR, Division of Wildlife, Target range rules states:  “During a cease-fire on the range; all unloaded firearms shall be placed on the bench with action open and shooters must remain behind the yellow line until “clear” is announced. Be aware of muzzle direction at all times!” 

     Doesn’t get much clearer than that.  I guess the butt-head that called the cease fire should have read these damn rules!!!!!  What if the gun discharges on its own?  You say it can’t happen?  Stand a while in front of one and take your chance…….but realistically, rifles have fired, especially Remington 700’s.    

Article:  “Bonita Springs, FL: A defective products class action lawsuit has been filed alleging the Model 700 Rifle Series manufactured by Remington Arms is defective and can fire without a trigger pull due to a mechanism known as the Walker Fire Control.”

     Once again, just use common sense to look and observe things around you at a firing range.  EVERYONE is responsible for gun safety.

     HOURS:  Looks like the standard hours of Thursday and Friday, 5 – 8 pm, and Saturday 12 – 4 pm for the next few weeks.  If these hours are not working for you….CALL ME!!!!!  I am flexible right now, so I can accommodate you with what you might need. 

I have .22 ammo in, $6.50 a box, GECO is the manufacturer.

Thanks for your support.  Remember:  Keep your finger off the trigger until you engage your target!  

Dave McDaniel

McDaniel Guns and Ammo


2 APR 2015

Hi all!  Looks like winter is finally getting the hint that we don’t want it around any longer.  This means it is time to hit the Range!!!  I’ve talked to quite a few of you and looks like you’ve been out a few times already!  That is great, but due to my surgery, the Doctor says “NO” shooting for a while.   Well, I can tell you how long that advice I’ll listen to!!!

.22 AMMO:  Looks like I got on the ground floor for some GECO .22 LR.  Looks OK, reviews are great, so I have bought some.  I have about 2450 rounds left or 49 boxes left.  Don’t pass this opportunity to pass this up, especially you plinkers!  That is what I shoot to start out with are my .22 pistols and rifles when I’m at the range.  When I shoot a few clips off, then I get serious with my CCW pistol and the rest of my arsenal.  Then after I feel I’m familiarized with those firearms, I’ll finish the day shooting .22 LR firearms.  Usually a contest between me and the Granddaughter. 

  BEST DEFENSE:  Like I said in the past, I’ve been watching the Outdoors Channel the last few years, and the past 2-3 years they have some very interesting shows and information not only on firearms, but now how to defend yourself.  They always start out with a scenario where anyone of us could be in a situation they are portraying.  They then go thru different options on how to handle it, leaving it up to you on what you should be thinking about when the situation arises and should you use your CCW pistol.  I’ve been really surprised on the fact they have an attorney on there to react on the procedures that they used.  90% of the time, you would be convicted as a “Gun toting Fanatic”.   The bottom line is that you can only use your weapon when confronted with deadly force….nothing else gives you the right to shoot someone that is hurting you.  The other issue is to run/get away before the situation escalates.   That is a lot easier said than done.  Recently found myself in a situation like that, told the Police a good thing I didn’t have my gun on me, and he said yes it was; I would have been charged with murder, because I could have backed off without using deadly force.   

     The other philosophy on this issue is what I hear a lot:  “I’d rather be judged by 12 than carried out by 6”.  Well, there is a lot of truth about that, but these days, I don’t think that will work anymore.

 WEB SITE:    Please note that my prices are always on the website, and if you can check the website out first, please do.  I may be tied up with customers or like last week, had my phone on mute for two days……..

CURRENT PRICES  FOR IN -STOCK FIREARMS:  I have a TAX Special, please see the website. This price only good till 18 April.  Please make sure you look on my web site at the Fire Arms section: the price on the AK-47 went up and the FNS-9 9MM SS went to $525.00…….my last one.

PRIVATE SALE ITEMS:  Look on the web page for items that are being sold by friends I know.  You might get a great bargain!!!!!

     Thanks for all your support and remember to keep your finger off the trigger, until you engage your target!

Dave McDaniel


McDaniel Guns and Ammo

12 FEB 2015

Hello one and all, been since before Christmas that I posted anything.  Yes, I am alive, but barely!!!  Just had surgery on my shoulder, so I am not moving around very fast right now.


     TAX SALE CLEARANCE:  I hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year!  Sales tampered off since Thanksgiving, so I need some help to reduce my stock on hand.  I am now going to offer just $10.00 over my price off all fire arms listed on my website in the Firearms section.  The price you see on the web is incorrect.  If you are interested in any of the firearms that I have on stock, I’ll give you my rock bottom price for this TAX SALE CLEARANCE!!!  This applies to stock on hand ONLY and not for new orders.


    I will also part ways with ammo on hand at my rock bottom price.  Since my ammo is currently lower than many other area stores, it will be mostly .38 and .40 cal ammo I will sell at the rock bottom price.  If you are interested, you must come in to buy, nothing over the phone and no holding back.  All other ammo will be reduced as well. 


     AMMO FORCAST:  Prices being reduced for bigger calibers, but.22 cal ammo is still hard to get.  Look out for any .22 you do find!!  Some I bought last fall was priced OK, but was hollow point.  Make sure you pay attention to what you are buying.


     I have now placed several guns on order for people.  One hasn’t paid their deposit yet, the other has.  If you want to order a firearm that may not be on stock, I can place it on my “Want/Wish List” with the distributor until it comes in.  I have had some 6 months on order before they came in, but that hard to get model was worth the wait for a couple of customers. 


     I had one customer order a rifle, they paid deposit, bought it somewhere else, and I refunded his money, no problem.  Sometimes local guys get a bigger break than the small guy like me.  It is a hard business to run without a storefront, but I try to satisfy each customer that I have!!!


     VETERANS!!!  Need a special firearm?  Show me your DD 214 or NGB 22 and I will get you a Veteran’s special quote for your firearm, regardless of what it is!!!! 


     CARRY/CONCEAL COURSE:  I have a friend that offers classes.  If interested, call me for his phone number!


     SAFETY:  Always assume your firearm is loaded.  Never take for granted that you unloaded it last week at the range before you put it in your range bag!!!


     Remember:  Keep your finger off the trigger until you engage your target!!!!!

18 Dec 2014

 LAST MINUTE CHRISTMAS GIFTS:  Yes, that time of year is upon us.  In a hurry and need to get that last minute Christmas gift!  Well….LOOK NO FURTHER!  McDaniel Guns and Ammo is a personal friend of Santa Claus!!!  Yes, McDaniel Guns and Ammo has been assisting Santa the past two Christmas’s for stocking stuffers!  Ammo, cleaning accessories, gun socks, targets, gun cases, just to mention a few!  This year, McDaniel Guns and Ammo also has GIFT CERTIFICATES available now.  Any denomination can be bought for the special gift!   Just imagine the surprise and the delight of your loved one as they open their stockings and see all their wonderful ammo and supplies and a McDaniel Guns and Ammo gift certificate!!!!!!

AVAILABILITY OF FIREARMS:  Looks like a lot of the Distributors are running sales on a lot of firearms.  If you think you would like a quote, email me at for a quote.  I need specific Model or UPC code please!!!!!!

CHRISTMAS HOURS:  I will be open 19 & 20 Dec (Thursday & Friday) regular hours 5-8 pm.   Saturday I will be open 11:00 to 3:00 pm.  On Monday 22 Dec, I will be open 5-8 pm.  That will be my last day for normal business hours until 8 Jan 2015.  If you need something, please call and we can schedule an appointment.

.22 LR AMMO:  I have 12 boxes of American Federal .22 LR ammo (40 rounds per box) available. I will limit two boxes per customer/family.  The price is $4.50 a box plus tax. 

RANGE GIFTS:  Check with your favorite Range for any specials they may have.

     It’s been a good year for me and thanks to my customers for doing business with me.  My business is growing so please spread the word about the great prices I can get for you and your friends.   As always, remember to keep your finger off the trigger until you engage your target!!!

 Dave McDaniel

McDaniel Guns and Ammo

26 NOV 2014

 HOLIDAY HOURS:  I will be closed Thanksgiving, 27 November.  In tradition of Black Friday, My hours will be flexible all day!!!  I will be available to support your needs from 12:00 to 6:00 pm, but if you can’t make it during that time; call me for an appointment (earlier or later)!!  I’ll be glad to support you any way I can.

    HOLIDAY HOURS:  I will be closed

    BLACK FRIDAY SALES:  There are a lot of great deals on certain models for all manufacturers.  Give me a chance to get you a quote! 

       NEED THAT SPECIAL GIFT FOR SOMEONE?  Give a McDaniel Guns and Ammo Gift Certificate!!  Yes, I can offer you a gift certificate for any dollar value that you may need!  Your loved one will appreciate your thoughtfulness in supporting the Second Amendment!!!  I can also see if I can get a firearm for you if you have a need of a special one in mind!

     SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL SMALL BUSINESS:  Hey, not only I am a small business, but I am also a Veteran Owned Business!  I have targets, pistol boxes, cleaning kits, guns and ammo!  I can special order what you need if I don’t have it and it is available! 

    PRIVATE SALES:  Please check out the Private Sales section on my website.  I have quite a few items that are for sale by private owners.  If you are interested, let me know and I will pass on a contact phone/email address for you.

     Remember:  Keep your finger off the trigger until you engage your target!!!

Dave McDaniel

McDaniel Guns and Ammo


23 Oct 2014

Hi all!  Well, the Festival Season is over and I’m back at the business at my regular hours (sort of).  This weekend and next weekend my hours are:  Thursday and Friday:  5 – 8 PM, Saturday 12 – 4 PM.  Again, if you can’t make these times, let me know, I am flexible in the morning and other times during the week, if you need something.

BULLPUP RIFLES:  Per Wikipedia:  "Bullpup" describes a modern firearm configuration in which the action and magazine are located behind the trigger group and alongside the shooter's face, so there is no wasted space for the butt stock as in conventional designs. This permits a shorter firearm length for the same barrel length for improved maneuverability, and reduces weight.”

     I’ve been watching the Outdoors Channel the last few years, and the past 2-3 years they have some very interesting shows and information on up to date firearms all the time. I’ll admit, I’m not a shotgun guy, so I will not watch shotgun shows.  I do watch a lot about the new rifles and pistols, and one last night had the BULLPUP Rifle show.  A BULLPUP rifle is a small semi-auto/full auto rifle that basically has the magazine at the rear and the trigger in the front; backwards from the traditional design of the M4/AR16 rifle.  I always thought this was a neat (weird) concept, but really did not read a whole lot of great reviews.  The HK Company improved a British design and made it a lot better in the mid 1990’s.  Upon this redesign was tested and vastly improved, the British adopted the new BULLPUP weapon into their military inventory. 

      On a significant modification design since the mid 1990’s the Israeli’s developed the Israel Military Industries Ltd. (IMI).   Better design and over-large trigger guard actually serves as a fore-arm support, the Israeli’s cutting edge technology has improved the performance of the BULLPUP gun reputation.

     Steyer AUG (Austria) and FAMAS (French) BULLPUPs also are on the popular military inventories for their respected countries.   The one common element besides overall design is that all these are designed for the NATO round 5.56x45 MM round.   Yes, there are pistol, shotgun, sniper, grenade launcher  and machine gun versions of these BULLPUPS also.

     Although the BULLPUP is fairly a “new“ concept, the ownership for one of these in the United States is on the rise.  Although a steep price, $1850-$2100 MSRP for your basic BULLPUP with no frills is not exactly a firearm to start off with for a beginner.  I believe in time, these will come down and the popularity of these will be wild spread in the next 5 - 8 years.  And of course, there are pros and cons about the design and performance of each manufacturer of these items is out there on the web.

     Of course, our Government will say a lot about ownership, especially since Maryland, Massachusetts, Connecticut, California, Washington D.C., Colorado, New York, and Hawaii are unable to purchase certain manufacturers of these now.  Get it while you can?   Only if you are an avid collector and can afford one.

AMMO PRICES:  Looks like it is still coming down a little bit, just like gas; and then it will go back up after the next big event.   With the Shooting in Canada yesterday, I half expected gun and ammo sales to fly thru the roof today.   That was in Canada, so it can’t happen here in the U.S., right????

     Please make sure you look on my web site at the Fire Arms section: the price on the AK-47 went up and the FNS-9 9MM SS went to $525.00…….my last one.

     Thanks for all your support, remember to keep your finger off the trigger, until you engage your target!

David McDaniel


McDaniel Guns and Ammo

POST 24 & 4 SEP 2014

POST 24 SEP 2014

Hope all of you got some great shooting in the last couple of weeks.  The weather has been great and low humidity, so you can’t blame the heat and humidity for bad shooting………HA!

     Just want to relay some information to you about sending things back thru the mail.  PLEASE:  Insure your package!  I had a customer that sent back a laser sight that was bad…….he probably won’t get that back due to he sent it without requesting return signature, insurance and not certified.  Boy that was an expensive lesson!!  Anytime you deal with a firearm part, get the proper postage and tracking on it, no matter what the cost!!!!!!

     I read some information in the recent American Rifleman Magazine (Oct 2014):  “Remington to Replace R51s.  Anyone who purchased an R51 may return it and receive a new R51 pistol, along with two additional magazines and a custom Pelican case, by calling Remington at (800) 243-9700.  You will be asked to provide your name, address, telephone number and the serial number of your pistol.”

       Looks like ammo is coming in pretty steady except for .22 LR and .22 MAG.  Everything else is coming in.  Jeff:  Check some places for .357 Sig.  The prices had dropped dramatically if you can find it.  Unfortunately, I can’t match those prices due to the time period when I bought it.  (That goes for all my ammo).  Firearms are coming in pretty good.  Charlie:  I can get any Glock that you may need, keep me in mind!  Scott:  M1A’s are available…but not many.  (Save that loose change!!)  

     DAVE’S LAYAWAY PLAN!  Yes, I can assist you to get what you want, as long as you can put a deposit down.  Terms to be discussed in person, depending on the amount of the firearm.  You only get the firearm when you pay the balance in full.  If I receive it and you back out, you’ll lose your money.  (All that is specified in my Deposit Agreement papers you will need to fill out, when I order the firearm).   I have a couple of customers that I have worked with to help them out, so if you are interested in doing this, please come over and let’s talk.

      UPCOMING HOURS:  I will be open this Thursday 5-8 pm, Friday 5:00 to 6:30, and Saturday 12:00 – 2:00.  In October, I will be closed the first two weeks week in October, and will reopen 16 Oct.  I can open if an appointment is made. 

     EMAIL PROBLEMS:  I ‘m having problems with my Road Runner account, so if you have an or a account, please try to email me again.  I have reset my settings and hopefully I will get it now.  If you send it and I don’t respond back, please call me and let me know.

     AK-47 ARRIVAL:  Check out the new AK-47 on my website under the Fire Arms page!  Great price!!!

     Thanks for taking the time to read this and once again, please forward this email to any of your friends that might be interested in taking a look at my website.

Dave McDaniel


4 SEP 2014

UNIQUE EXPERIENCE:  This may be a little lengthy, but just wanted to share my experience with you that happened last month.  It is not often that something like this happens.

     In November 2013, I had a friend of my son order a rifle for his son.  His National Guard unit received notification that his unit was being deployed to Afghanistan.  At the time he wanted the rifle, I had four vendors at the time and ordered one through each vendor or put it on a “Want/Wish List”.  December came by and the Manufacturer (which I will not name) just fell behind on orders just like any other manufacturer during last years’ demands.

     January, February and March flew by, some orders being filled by the manufacturer, but because I only wanted one, my distributors could not reserve me one.  Something to do with:  “The more you order,, the more the distributor fills those big accounts first.”  Never mind about the small guy out here just trying to fulfill a dream for a soldier.  April went by without a peep and May was coming on strong. 

     The unit was notified to get activated near the  end of May and I called my Distributor about the desire of a National Guard Soldier to get a rifle for his son before he deploys.  My Distributor representative said, “Dave, call the Manufacturer and tell them what is going on and maybe they will send us one especially for this soldier.” 

     I called the manufacturer and told them about this soldier wanting a rifle for his son before he deployed. The Rep said they would try to accommodate this Soldier.  A month went by and a lot of emails and paperwork went back and forth.  Finally, the unit was activated end of May and no word about the rifle.  I did get an email stating that the soldier was now on a medical determination and more than likely would not get deployed. 

     I called the manufacturer and said that I wanted to stop the process of the soldier getting his son the rifle due to his medical condition and not deploying.  I stated that because of being retired from the military myself and being ethical with my business and personal wise, I could not go thru the process of getting the rifle under false pretenses.  I wanted to stop the order.

     The Rep and I talked for quite a while about being in the military and how grateful they were for us serving and having served our country.  The Rep then asked questions about the soldier’s son and I told them as much as I knew.  The Rep asked for his son’s birthdate, initials, etc……….and then said because of these circumstances and the length of time of not getting a rifle, the Rep said they would provide the rifle “FREE OF CHARGE”.  I about fell out of my seat!!!!  I asked them to repeat what they just said and said because of this situation, the serial number was going to be his son’s initials and birth date!!!!!

     I about fell down and was just really surprised by this.  I relayed the message to the Soldier what I needed from him about his son….but didn’t mention the rifle was free.  This was going to be a secret!!! 

     After a couple more emails inquiring about where we were with the delivery of the rifle, 2 ½ more months went by.  I was about to give up on this when I told myself I needed to call the Rep again to see where we are at.  I received a shipment the next day and was scratching my head thinking why the long box…I ordered pistols!!!!!  Sure enough, as soon as I opened the container…….there was the boxed rifle…serial number matching his son’s initials and birthdate!!!!  What a wonderful and absolutely beautiful gift!!!!!

     I called the Soldier and told him I had the rifle….we made arrangements for him to pick it up and he asked how much… I said about $450 or so….I said, “Just bring your check book, we’ll figure it out later.”

     We got together and I had him fill out the 4473 and he kept asking about the price……I changed the subject and called in to get the approval.  After filling out the rest of the paperwork, I laid everything down and showed him the bill……which had nothing put zeros on it.  He looked confused and I said “It’s free!!!!!”  I wish you could have seen his face!!! And his family’s also!!!!  What a surprise!!!

     His wife was in tears and I was almost myself.  The joy of seeing him handle the rifle was great!  I told him about all the back ground of conversations between the Rep and myself and he was just amazed.

     I just can’t thank the Manufacturer enough for what they were able to do for the Soldier and his son!!! This was a first for me, but I will never forget this experience and especially the generosity of one Rep will be told by me to anyone that will listen!!!

     Thanks to this company; my belief in doing what is right has been a blessing and I hope that everyone will take in consideration that this company is an American Company that has been around for over a Hundred years!!!!  Thanks!!!!!!!!


POST 2 APR 2015

Hi all!  Looks like winter is finally getting the hint that we don’t want it around any longer.  This means it is time to hit the Range!!!  I’ve talked to quite a few of you and looks like you’ve been out a few times already!  That is great, but due to my surgery, the Doctor says “NO” shooting for a while.   Well, I can tell you how long that advice I’ll listen to!!!

.22 AMMO:  Looks like I got on the ground floor for some GECO .22 LR.  Looks OK, reviews are great, so I have bought some.  I have about 2450 rounds left or 49 boxes left.  Don’t pass this opportunity to pass this up, especially you plinkers!  That is what I shoot to start out with are my .22 pistols and rifles when I’m at the range.  When I shoot a few clips off, then I get serious with my CCW pistol and the rest of my arsenal.  Then after I feel I’m familiarized with those firearms, I’ll finish the day shooting .22 LR firearms.  Usually a contest between me and the Granddaughter. 

  BEST DEFENSE:  Like I said in the past, I’ve been watching the Outdoors Channel the last few years, and the past 2-3 years they have some very interesting shows and information not only on firearms, but now how to defend yourself.  They always start out with a scenario where anyone of us could be in a situation they are portraying.  They then go thru different options on how to handle it, leaving it up to you on what you should be thinking about when the situation arises and should you use your CCW pistol.  I’ve been really surprised on the fact they have an attorney on there to react on the procedures that they used.  90% of the time, you would be convicted as a “Gun toting Fanatic”.   The bottom line is that you can only use your weapon when confronted with deadly force….nothing else gives you the right to shoot someone that is hurting you.  The other issue is to run/get away before the situation escalates.   That is a lot easier said than done.  Recently found myself in a situation like that, told the Police a good thing I didn’t have my gun on me, and he said yes it was; I would have been charged with murder, because I could have backed off without using deadly force.   

     The other philosophy on this issue is what I hear a lot:  “I’d rather be judged by 12 than carried out by 6”.  Well, there is a lot of truth about that, but these days, I don’t think that will work anymore.

 WEB SITE:    Please note that my prices are always on the website, and if you can check the website out first, please do.  I may be tied up with customers or like last week, had my phone on mute for two days……..

CURRENT PRICES  FOR IN -STOCK FIREARMS:  I have a TAX Special, please see the website. This price only good till 18 April.  Please make sure you look on my web site at the Fire Arms section: the price on the AK-47 went up and the FNS-9 9MM SS went to $525.00…….my last one.

PRIVATE SALE ITEMS:  Look on the web page for items that are being sold by friends I know.  You might get a great bargain!!!!!

     Thanks for all your support and remember to keep your finger off the trigger, until you engage your target!

Dave McDaniel


McDaniel Guns and Ammo

POST 2 APR 2015

Hi all!  Looks like winter is finally getting the hint that we don’t want it around any longer.  This means it is time to hit the Range!!!  I’ve talked to quite a few of you and looks like you’ve been out a few times already!  That is great, but due to my surgery, the Doctor says “NO” shooting for a while.   Well, I can tell you how long that advice I’ll listen to!!!

.22 AMMO:  Looks like I got on the ground floor for some GECO .22 LR.  Looks OK, reviews are great, so I have bought some.  I have about 2450 rounds left or 49 boxes left.  Don’t pass this opportunity to pass this up, especially you plinkers!  That is what I shoot to start out with are my .22 pistols and rifles when I’m at the range.  When I shoot a few clips off, then I get serious with my CCW pistol and the rest of my arsenal.  Then after I feel I’m familiarized with those firearms, I’ll finish the day shooting .22 LR firearms.  Usually a contest between me and the Granddaughter. 

  BEST DEFENSE:  Like I said in the past, I’ve been watching the Outdoors Channel the last few years, and the past 2-3 years they have some very interesting shows and information not only on firearms, but now how to defend yourself.  They always start out with a scenario where anyone of us could be in a situation they are portraying.  They then go thru different options on how to handle it, leaving it up to you on what you should be thinking about when the situation arises and should you use your CCW pistol.  I’ve been really surprised on the fact they have an attorney on there to react on the procedures that they used.  90% of the time, you would be convicted as a “Gun toting Fanatic”.   The bottom line is that you can only use your weapon when confronted with deadly force….nothing else gives you the right to shoot someone that is hurting you.  The other issue is to run/get away before the situation escalates.   That is a lot easier said than done.  Recently found myself in a situation like that, told the Police a good thing I didn’t have my gun on me, and he said yes it was; I would have been charged with murder, because I could have backed off without using deadly force.   

     The other philosophy on this issue is what I hear a lot:  “I’d rather be judged by 12 than carried out by 6”.  Well, there is a lot of truth about that, but these days, I don’t think that will work anymore.

 WEB SITE:    Please note that my prices are always on the website, and if you can check the website out first, please do.  I may be tied up with customers or like last week, had my phone on mute for two days……..

CURRENT PRICES  FOR IN -STOCK FIREARMS:  I have a TAX Special, please see the website. This price only good till 18 April.  Please make sure you look on my web site at the Fire Arms section: the price on the AK-47 went up and the FNS-9 9MM SS went to $525.00…….my last one.

PRIVATE SALE ITEMS:  Look on the web page for items that are being sold by friends I know.  You might get a great bargain!!!!!

     Thanks for all your support and remember to keep your finger off the trigger, until you engage your target!

Dave McDaniel


McDaniel Guns and Ammo

POST 28 AUG 2014

DOING BUSINESS WITH GUN SHOPS:    I’ve had several conversations with people at my bank while waiting in line about my gun business.  I even had the teller asking about my business while he was posting my deposit into the business account.  He wanted to know if I had been to a certain gun shop three blocks down the road from where the bank was.  I said I sure have, which he replied he was there and didn’t get good service.  I asked why and he told me that he was looking at some rifles and had questions about one versus another one on the rack and the guy just basically blew him off.   Well, with this particular gun shop…..I have heard a lot of people complain about the way they are treated by this shop.  My son is one also asking about prices and difference in performance.  Well, they basically blew him off as well.  I had the same thing happen to me at a shooting range in Sharonville when asking about a new type of AR, which shot 5.45 ammo.  Apparently this was a new design and was recently put out, but the jerk, I mean clerk behind the counter blew me off as well.  I then asked about an AK-47 and he shows me one made by Red Jacket and was $1400.  (This was 4 years ago).  I immediately complained that I certainly couldn’t afford that.  Then the jerk, I mean clerk took the rifle back from me, put it on the rack and walked away.  Boy, what a way to run a business!!

     The point of this message is that I don’t know everything and only have limited experience on what I have and know about.  Yes, I do research also and I am no expert on everything I have in stock.  I do, however; treat everyone with respect when they walk thru my door and I will try my best to explain and tell them about what I know about the product they are looking for.  I will also look on the web for them about the product and help out as much as I can.  I guess these other shops I have heard of not treating their customers with respect is another reason why I have this business. 

     If a customer walks in with an attitude, I try to overlook it, but when they become obnoxious, then I tell them they will need to look somewhere else.  It’s only happened once since I opened.   

CLEANING SUPPLIES:  I made a mass purchase on some Otis cleaning patches, so please look in the Miscellaneous and Special Order items for special pricing on these patches.  I also have Shoot-N-C targets, cleaning kit, patch holders, and gun cases that are available.  I can beat Wal-Mart’s prices!!!!!!

 AMMO:  Looks like ammo is slowly recovering.  9MM and 5.56 are readily available at Wal-Mart, but only for a day or two.  >22 LR and .22 MAG are still hard to find. 

I will be open 8-28, 8-29 and 8-30 this week.  If you need anything on Sunday, call me please.


7 AUG 2014 POST

It has been a while since I left a post on the website, so since I have time now, I’ll give you all some advice. 

SAFETY:  Can’t say enough or speak enough about it.  Again, I have enclosed a link that is quite disturbing.

     Nevertheless, read this bit of information and really absorb what is being said here.  If you are letting a new shooter shoot a powerful handgun or rifle, be assured that it may be funny to watch the gun hit them on the head on the recoil, it maybe not so funny to have another round take their head off.  Gruesome talk, yes; is this reality?  YES!!!  That is the jest of the link above.   You have to make sure all safety aspects are being followed.  One round in the chamber /magazine ONLY!!!! 

     I shot the Desert Eagle a couple of months ago.  Yes, the recoil was unbelievable!!!  I can see why Ms. Corredor-Rivera  lost her life!  Please insure you have common sense to load only one round in a weapon the new shooter is shooting.

FIREARMS MANUFACTURERS OUTLOOK:  It has been a hit/miss with some brands of firearms.  I am seeing some become available and then disappear in a matter of minutes.  Again, if you want a certain model, please come and talk with me.  Right now I can order one for you, but need a down deposit.  I can’t waste time trying to contact you and wait 15 minutes.  The firearm is gone in that timeframe. 

AMMUNITION OUTLOOK:  .22 LR/MAG is still a problem.  Thought I had another shipment come in, but false alarm.  Looks like .38 SPL and .40 Cal is in stock everywhere with my distributors.  Some customers say the same thing about Wal-Mart.  I guess the hoarders are backing off now.  I’m not due to my personal stock has dwindled and my business stock on some calibers like .380 ACP and 9MM Makarov are still hard to find.  9MM fluctuates, but I have plenty to sell.  .223 is available and looks like an endless supply of 7.62x39 is still abundant.  With hunting season around the corner, load up with what you can, it won’t be available long.  At least that is what I am seeing on hunting rounds. 

RELOADING SUPPLIES:  I just ordered a lot of bullets for reloading this winter; hopefully I have enough powder on hand to be able to handle the amount I want to load.  If you are interested in reloading, I will have another session in the fall/winter for reloading.  I now have a progressive re-loader, but still need to put it together…Yes Greg, I will in the near future.  Very near!!!

NEW ITEM:  I have an S&W Model 642LS in as of 8 Aug!!!  For all those women out there, this is for you that want a lot of punch in a handgun.

As a reminder, please pass my website address to anyone that may want to take a look at it.  If they want to be added to my contact list, pass them my email:

I will be open this Saturday from 1:30 – 4:00.  Please call if you need anything after hours for an appointment.


POST 18 JUN 2014

Summer is here finally!!!  Great news for a change:  .22 LR AND .380 HAS COME IN!!!!!!  I have 1000 rounds of .380 for $39.95 (Bag of 100 rounds) and will sell a brick of .22 LR (500 Rounds) for $50.00.  (Of course you must add tax!).

HAVE A PROBLEM WITH A FIREARM?  Some of you may remember I had a problem with my Granddaughter’s Ruger 22/45?   There are some links here you can use if you have problems with disassembly/re-assembly of your Mark III-22/ Mark III 22/45.  Also:  go to goggle and type in your firearm and assembly/disassembly and you can get it there. 

YOUTUBE VIDEOS:  I also posted more YouTube Videos of guns I have on hand, so make sure you check those out as well.  These are on the Firearms section.  One other video I posted was comparing the Ruger LCP vs S&W Bodyguard.  If you are undecided which one to buy, check it out.  This video compares both and lists some pros and cons for both.   Again, the best way to decide is to borrow one or rent one.

AMMUNITION OUTLOOK:  Look at this for a view of ammo prices:  Looks like some ammo is coming in, but I don’t see a big difference on what I pay versus what I charge.  The availability outlook I hope is true from what the article talks about.  There is always the availability factor from manufacturers that has led to much debate.  Again, the availability I don’t see from my distributors as being “readily available”.   I manage to get what I can.  The type of ammo that is readily available I see the most is self-defense, which  comes at a premium.  The one type of ammo which has doubled in price since 18 months ago is .22 MAG.  It is what it is.  I do have some on hand, but it is not cheap. 

LOOKING FOR FIREARM RECALLS?  Please ensure that your firearm is not on the recall list.  Check out the “Safety and Education” Page on my website to see if your firearm is listed.  If my page does not have your brand, Google your Manufacturer’s Website to check or just type in “Winchester Recall”.  Some model(s) may appear if there is a recall.

Remember:  Keep your finger off the trigger until you engage your target!!!!


Dave McDaniel

POST 28 MAY 2014

As you can imagine….Spring is finally here and we are all hitting the range.  I’ve had great business in April and it’s tapered off so bad that I had to close up for a few days.  I’ve closed up to do some minor re-arranging in the house for the wife, so you guys know what’s that like to keep putting those tasks off.  Thank goodness the wife never reads my posts.  HA!!!!

      AMMO:  I’m out of .22 LR (except for the “Special” and .380 ACP.  Don’t know when I will get any in… so keep checking.  Those customers that buy specific ammo get advanced notification when I do get a shipment in.  Right now I have about a dozen customers on my email “AMMO LIST”.

     SUMMER HOURS:  You will need to check your emails for a good time when I will be open.  My times in June will be sporadic due to obligations I have elsewhere.  If there is something you need, please call me.  Something you just want to check on, send me an email.  I apologize for the inconvenience this may cause, but I can set up an appointment with you to help meet your needs.  Please, “No transactions on Sunday”.

      I’ve got some new handguns in, so check out the Firearms Section.  Also, check out the miscellaneous section for some new items I can get. 

     CMMG AR CONVERSION KIT .22LR BRAVO STAINLESS STEEL 25-SHOT:  I am able to get this item.  This item is in the Miscellaneous Section, please before you buy one, ensure your rifle is stamped 5.56 MM!!!  This item will not work in .223.  I am checking to see if this works in a .223/5.56 MM Rifle.  Let me know if you have a different make on a conversion kit and write a review if you have some good/bad info on it.  Help others by telling what works and what doesn’t!!!

      HOURS FOR MAY-JUN 2014:

      Closed:  6, 7, 8, 14, 21, 27, and 28 Jun 2014.

     Open:  29 (7-8 pm only), 30, 31 May, 5, 12, 13, 19, 20, and 26 Jun 2014, normal times.

     Appointment:  Please call and we can work something in!!!

      ZEROING IN A SCOPE:  Well, I finally zeroed in my M4 carbine with a Leupold Scope.  Quite challenging for me since I’ve never did this before.  Thought I had it made when I bore sighted it at home with a laser.  No…sure wasn’t even close.  After 20 rounds, finally saw I was hitting at the top edge of the target “holder”, way off the mark.  I was finally able to walk it in at 100 feet…not yards.   I guess the big lesson here for me is that if I had to do it again; I would have a rifle sled to mount the rifle in.  (More accurate and more precise for the rounds it took me to zero in, (84 rounds).  I could have used only 50, but I was using a 6-round shot pattern to get a better shot group.  The last 6 rounds shot out the bulls-eye, so I was proud of that accomplishment.  I listened to quite a few people before I took this task on; so no matter what you hear, you’re going to have to do the best you can with whatever you have available.  Oh yes…..even if you have a scope, get a spotting scope and a Spotter to help you.  I did this solo and it took me about an hour and 10 minutes by myself.  I probably could have done it with a spotter in 20 minutes and a third of the ammo.

     CHECK OUT THE RUGER SPECIAL:  I have a Ruger 10-22 Synthetic stock with 500 Rounds of .22 LR ammo as a special for 29 MAY 2014 right now.  If interested, see the website and you will see it on the right side of the page as a Special.

      I NEED HELP:  Sitting with a few customers back in the winter, I heard quite a few stories about what they have done or have used; so please, write me something that taught you a good lesson or something that really helped you out.  This website is to provide education as well, so send me some items to put in the website!!  Let’s be “Gun friendly” with each other.  I always learn something from a fellow shooter when I strike up a conversation at a range, no matter the age, race, or creed…….

      Thanks for all your support.  Remember:  Keep your finger off the trigger until you engage your target!!

 Food for Thought:

Top Ten Reasons Why Men Prefer Guns Over Women

 10.  You can trade an old 44 for a new 22.

9.    You can keep one gun at home and have another for when you’re on the road.

8.    If you admire a friend’s gun and tell him so, he will probably let you try it out a few times.

7.   Your primary gun doesn’t mind if you keep another gun for a backup.

6.   Your gun will stay with you even if you run out of ammo.

5.   A gun doesn’t take up a lot of closet space.

4.   Guns function normally every day of the month.

3.   A gun doesn’t ask, “Do these new grips make me look fat?”

2.  A gun doesn’t mind if you go to sleep after you use it.

And the Number One Reason Why Men Prefer Guns Over Women.....


 Thanks Paul!!!!!  I won’t tell Cheri who I got this from!!!!!!

APRIL 2014

9 APR 2014

   Spring may be here, but when is it going to be nice to start shooting outdoors?  Quite a few of you have bought ammo this past month gearing up for the time to start shooting.  That is great for me business wise, but also depletes ammo stock I have.  My stock of .380 is practically gone except for a couple of boxes, .30-30 and .22 was sold out, and .22 MAG unavailable to get anywhere!!!!  The rest I have on hand, some at a very high premium, some at a very reasonable price.  A few customers asked about availability of certain calibers…….if I knew the answer, I’d play the lottery every day.  Not a good answer and there just seems to be no good answer from the industry either.

     Firearms manufacturers have stepped up their production…well, some anyway, and are meeting orders; except things I want:  Henry GB .22 MAG, S&W LS Model 642, S&W Shield 9MM, etc….. So I have several people waiting on some unique items.  I have picked up a SCCY CPX-2 and a Ruger MK III 512 and are listed on the Firearms Page on the website. 

     SCCY REVIEW:  I did a little research after a customer wanted one of these.  Read the review at:  Having the gun in my hand I was comfortable with the feel and the weight really surprised me.  This handgun seems to be built pretty darn well and the trigger-pull seems a “little long”.  The long-trigger pull seems to be the standard now on most carry/conceal handguns.  You must be the judge when purchasing a handgun for what purpose you want to use it for.  For CCW, it’s going to be close and personal; for sport/target shooting, you need to know what the “effective” range of the handgun is going to be at the distance you are planning to shoot. 

     BUYING GUNS AS GIFTS:  I owe John W. an apology for not getting back to him in a timely manner.  I have done a lot of research, and there are no definitive answers on the ATF website. 

     I actually got this information from National Shooting Sports Foundation website  Author:  Bill Brassard, 19 Nov 2013:

      “The first question you have to ask is whether the intended recipient can legally own the firearm where he or she lives. More than 20,000 different gun laws on the books, even the kinds of firearms that law-abiding citizens can own vary from place to place; for example, juveniles (under age 18) generally speaking are precluded by law from possessing a handgun. Check out the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) website, for an overview of local laws and, whatever you do, don’t forget that you:  can never under any circumstances transfer a firearm to someone you know — or have reasonable cause to believe — legally can’t own one. That’s a federal felony, so be careful.  Though there’s no federal law that prohibits a gift of a firearm to a relative or friend that lives in your home state, some states—California for example—require you to transfer the gun through a local firearms dealer so an instant background check will be performed to make sure the recipient is not legally prohibited from owning the gun.  The ATF recommends that if you want to give someone a new firearm, rather than going to a gun store, buying it on your own and giving it to, say your father, consider instead purchasing a gift certificate from that retailer and giving it to Dad as his present. That way he’ll get the exact gun he wants, and there’s no question about who is “the actual buyer of the firearm,” which is a question any purchaser must certify on the Federal Form 4473 at the time of purchase.”

Remember:  Keep your finger off the trigger until you engage your target!


Dave McDaniel

26 APR 2014

Just wanted to drop a few lines about some discussions/issues I have had recently:

     Availability of Firearms:  looks like most Firearms are getting out to the market now.  Of course, Smith & Wesson, Kel-Tec, Hi Point, Colt and Henry are still running behind on orders.  Glock’s are out there all day long along with Mossberg, Ruger (some models), Springfield and Bersa.

     Quotes:  I have had a lot of quotes go out, but only a few have come back with orders.  Please, if you want a price for an item, send me an email at  I have had some issues with prices that came back to haunt me (I went in the hole $20.00 on a sale), which was a verbal quote (I said/you said).  I can’t afford to do that anymore.  I will get the quote to you in a day or two. 

     WHAT DOES TALO MEAN FOR A FIREARM?  TALO Distributors, Inc. is a distributor in the hunting and fishing trade that commissions exclusive editions of firearms from Colt,[1] Smith & Wesson,[2] Ruger,[3] Glock and North American Arms for their network of dealers. TALO Distributors provides Ruger with the ability to help raise funds for the USA Shooting Team by offering a takedown Ruger 10/22 with 10% of the proceeds donated to the US Shooting Team.

      AMMO FORECAST:  Doesn’t look like it is going to get any better.  Industry says one thing, government says another.  Civilian Marksmanship Program accepting orders on.22 LR now…but no definitive answer on when it is going to be delivered. 

     Interesting to note that I saw an ad for ammo on one of my distributor sites for .22 LR.  They had 5,000 rounds for $619.00!!!!!!!  Like…….. Really.  I don’t think so.  I think I might buy it when the Zombie Apocalypse is here.

     I learned my lesson last year about buying ammo at a premium.  I bought Blazer 9 MM for $32.60 a box…50 rounds for STEEL Casing.  Man….I thought I would get it and at least have some to sell for at least $1.50 over cost…..sold 5 boxes out of 20 so far…….to myself.   I guess if the Zombies come, I’ll have that as my primary ammo………………and I won’t sell any of it for a million to anyone…..HA!!!!!!!!!!

     AMMO PERFORMANCE:  I had some customer issues with some of the ammo I have sold.  In particular, Sellier and Bellot .22 LR ammo I have had both good and bad reviews.  I will say this about the product:  My son and I had no issues with it shooting out of a Ruger 10/22 and Marlin Model 60.  My granddaughter did have problems with shooting Federal .22 LR  Ammo out of her Marlin Model 60 and Ruger 22/45 Lite.  I believe that if you have problems, switch ammo and see if that is the problem and maybe add a good thorough cleaning as well.  The next time the granddaughter and I do go to the range, I will take two brands of .22LR to see what the difference is.  We also cleaned the guns very good so that may make a difference as well.  I’ll let you know the results later. 

     PPU, ARMSCOR, WPA (WOLF) and AGUILA are what I currently sell.  No complaints here about this ammo.  Some misfires, but I attribute that to maintenance of the firearm.  I had issues 4 years ago with the wife’s Walther PK .380 due to improper cleaning the first time she shot it.  Five misfires out of 50…….after I broke it all the way down and cleaned it thoroughly…..ZERO misfires after at least 400 rounds.  (Granddaughter shot 100).  Stance and holding techniques can play in issue of stovepipes and ejection failures; so make sure you shoot consistently. 

     PRIVATE SALES:  Check out the Private Sales Page for a Hi Point .40 S&W Carbine.  If you are interested, send me an email. 

     FEEDBACK WANTED ON PURCHASES/EXPERIENCE:  I had several comments about firearms and ammo performance on the ones I have sold.  I have also had some comments about other vendors (good and bad).  If you can, send me a letter without your name and I will post it, or send me an email and ask not to put your initials on the Post.  

     Thanks for your business.  Remember:  Keep your finger off the trigger until you engage your target!!!  Be SAFE!!!!!!

Dave McDaniel



MARCH 2014

5 MAR 2014

Hello one and all.  Maybe Old Man Winter is on his way out….then again, maybe not.  Like all of you, I’m fed up with it and hoping to get back on the range again real soon!!  The Granddaughter and I was talking about the next time to go shooting.  She was thinking this week at an indoor range and I was thinking in April on an outdoor range!!!  I just had to explain to her that it isn’t cheap to go to an indoor range to shoot. 

      INDOOR RANGES:  Well, my thought on indoor ranges is they are very convenient in bad weather, but very expensive if you end up going a lot.  I always feel “rushed” when I am there due to you paying by the ½ or full hour to shoot.  I don’t like to rush when I am trying to get my muscle memory back after I haven’t shot for a while.  Of course there are a lot more restrictions shooting (rapid / slow Fire) compared to an outside range.  I only rapid fire (3 rounds fast/burst) a couple times due to ammo and safety restrictions (both indoors and outside ranges).  I completely understand about the safety rules and will do my best to also enforce them as I have told other shooters to obey those rules as well.    The cost of the indoor ranges will vary, as most people I know do not have a “membership” at these ranges due to cost.  I’ll admit: I can’t afford $500 membership at most of these ranges; I’m cheap for one and can’t afford it for the other reason. 

      OUTDOOR RANGES:  Several ranges do have both indoor and outdoor ranges.  I prefer outdoor just because I like to take my time to shoot and take turns with other people I am with on one table to shoot different weapons.  That is how I taught my son’s and granddaughter to originally shoot, experiencing the process of taking your time and also having fun while target shooting.  The cost varies according to where you go.  The wife and I buy season’s passes thru the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) at any Wal-Mart, K-Mart, or other licensing agent.  I just did mine online at: for $24.00.  Piece of cake!!!!!  Now…..stop and think about it:  $24.00 to go shoot all you want (except on Mondays) at Spring Valley (Greene County).  Here is a link in case you travel through-out Ohio:

      The wife and I shot at Hocking Hills a few years back…only after learning that we could do this at other locations.  Now some ranges may only have pistol/rifle, archery, or shotgun; but some may have all of them.    You just need to check with them by calling their office on the above link.

 .22 LR AMMO IS IN!!  Finally:  I have 5,000 rounds.  I am selling by the box:  $9.50 for a box of 100 or $45.00 for a Brick (500 Rounds).  Before I even post this notice, I have 3 bricks sold!!!!  Hurry if you want some!  Made by CCI .22LR 40 GR.

Make sure you send me an email to get the latest notes and updates for this website!

Thanks and keep your finger off the trigger until you engage your target!

 Dave McDaniel

26 MAR 2014

   Hello one and all:  It’s getting warmer and the sale of ammo has taken off in my business.  Just need to say a big “Thank You” to all my ammo customers; a telltale sign that Spring is on its way!!!!

     .22 AMMO:  Needless to say, it’s gone!!!!  If you wanted it, it’s too late now:  IT’S ALL GONE!!!!  This last order was 13 MONTHs getting to me…and none in site coming this way again anytime soon!!!  Looks like some ammo is being produced to keep up with demand, so hang in there…especially .223/5.56MM, .45 ACP, .38 SP, and .40 S&W., which I have plenty on hand.  The other ammo, .22 LR & MAG, .380, and 9MM are hard to get.  I just have to be fast on the trigger to get it when it is available.  I missed a shipment last week, again by 15 minutes and could not get any .380 and 9MM.

     UPDATE TO WEBSITE:  I just sent out a blurt last week about the site being updated with a “SAFETY AND EDUCATION” Page.  Please take note that I will update any latest Safety Concerns on Firearms and Ammunition as I see it hit the different sites to look at.  Please take a look at this page to see if any of these recalls affect you!!!   

     UPCOMING EVENTS:  I am trying to lock down a time for fellow employees for the company I work for to conduct a “FAMILIARIZATION WEAPONS EVENT”.  I’ll be using some of my Long Rifles that I have.  If you are interested in helping new shooters with this endeavor, please let me know!!!  I could use some “SAFETY OFFICERS” and “COACHES”.  I am going to let people fire/shoot some of my weapons (M1 Garand, M1A Springfield, FN-FAL, M4 Carbine, and maybe one or two others).  I’m looking for a $5.00 donation or whatever you can afford to help offset ammunition cost.  Looking at 2-5 rounds per weapon to shoot……which isn’t too bad, considering the type of ammo these guns use.    If I have enough interest, we could possibly use 2 or 3 tables at Spring Valley Rifle/Pistol Range.  Range use is $5.00 a day or $24.00 a year.  I’ll let you know when the weather gets more bearable and what my schedule looks like.

     PROJECT CHILDSAFE:  The Franklin Police Department is now registered with Project ChildSafe.  KUDOS to the Police Department!!!  Let’s face it, our greatest asset we have is our children and helping educate and protecting them is in everyone’s interest.  GET INVOLVED:  Join Project ChildSafe in educating your Family and Community about safe gun handling and storage.  WEBSITE:  Is your local police department registered with Project ChildSafe?  Check the above link to find out!!!

     WANTED:  AK-47’S/AR 15’S/M4 Carbines:  I have had several people inquire about these types of used firearms.  The supply/demand ebbs and I know it may not be exactly a science to figure out when and where these items are available and needed.  If you have one and are looking to sell, I’d be glad to put it on my “PRIVATE SALE” page for you.  No Fee or paperwork involved as long as I am kept out the sale!!  I am just looking to connect people with these items.  Of course, this past Christmas, you could have sold quite a bit; and with the current tax season in full refund mode…..maybe a deal can be made!!! 

     Thanks again for your support.

Dave McDaniel




14 FEB 2014

Hello one and all.  Still waiting for Old Man Winter to get out of Dodge and make room for Spring!  Bring it on baby!!!!

Just a few quick notes:  Check out the Miscellaneous section:  I have targets, cleaning kits, and cleaning tips.  Magazines available and if you want to order, please check with me. 

PRICES:  A lot of people have asked about prices on certain types of firearms that I may not be able to get.  My Distributors (I have 6 now), don’t carry everything and are “A” Typical by which manufacturers they have agreements with.  Again, my biggest issue is with shipping I have to pay so when I have a price to you….please note that is my biggest obstacle to overcome right off the bat.  The more items I order, the cheaper the shipping is for you.  My second biggest overhead is insurance cost……not cheap by any standard.  As a matter of fact, my business insurance is more than my House Insurance.  I am trying to work with a local distributor; but they have put so many restrictions up, that I can’t get an account there as I have tried previously.  Keep your fingers crossed!!!!  If I am successful, that drops my price from $12.95 to $27.00 per item for firearms!!

WHAT IS AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE?:  Just about anything except for some unique items I just can’t seem to get.  Henry’s:  Man, I could have made a small fortune this past Christmas if I could have gotten some in!!!!  I can’t get any right now.  Distributor told me I am 3 away from getting the one I need (FYI Justin!!!).  When will they come in??? He can’t say and even though they have it back ordered, the manufacturer is thousands away from delivery. The Sandy Hook Shooting did a lot of damage last year to the manufacturers to keep up with production/demand.  (Those families of the victims suffered enough and is all too well known.  God Bless those Families’s!) 

STATEMENTS:  I have only made one political statement on my website.  A friend asked why I don’t put some articles in about those contradicting what I am promoting.  Listen, this is a free country first of all and I fought to have some fool decide to try to take my right away not only to own a gun, but to carry one as well.  Let the Son of a Gun try to pry my guns out of my house or my hands!!!!  There will be a firefight!!!!  Anyway, I think there is enough media out there if you want to get into all that, that is your privilege…..just don’t try to convince me to give up my rights or my religious beliefs!!!!  My website is strictly business, education and information.

ARTICLES AND POLLS:  I got a few comments back on some articles, but please if you have an article or a story; please share it with my readers!  I’d love to talk more, but I also have limited time for research.  There may be a few changes coming to my website due to some input from customers.


How Guns Work: Striker Fired Pistols

Published on February 28th, 2013 | by Destinee (FateofDestinee)

Due to their lack of protruding hammer, many striker fired pistol designs have flooded the concealed carry market. Manufacturers such as Glock, Smith & Wesson, Springfield Armory all have popular models of striker fired pistols. But, how does striker fire actually work?

To propel a bullet from its cartridge, the gun powder within the casing must be ignited. Centerfire and rimfire rounds have two slightly different means to accomplish this. Both feature primers on the back end of the casing. Centerfire ammo features primer only in the center of the back of the cartridge, whereas the primer covers the entire base of the casing of rimfire rounds.

With either type of ammunition, the rear of the casing must be struck with enough force to ignite the primer, which catalyzes the gunpowder explosion that ultimately propels the bullet from the cartridge through the gun barrel.

In striker fired pistols, the striker is the component that strikes the casing, dimpling it and igniting the primer within. Glock calls their striker fired system “safe action.” As the trigger is pulled, the three inline safety mechanisms are disengaged, and the striker is moved rearward within the pistol. This increases the tension on the firing pin spring. When the trigger bar releases the firing pin lug, the striker moves forward as the firing pin spring relaxes. This motion causes the striker to impact the base of the round in the chamber, which fires the round. The video in this post features an excellent depiction of this action with visible firing internals

Manufacturers such as Kahr Arms, Beretta, and Springfield Armory all utilize similar variations of this function. For example, Springfield’s XD series fully tensions the firing pin spring upon chambering a round, compared to Glock’s partial tension until the trigger pulls and increases the spring tension.

Striker firing seems somewhat complex, but, in fact, it involves fewer parts than the older hammer fired system (which will be the subject of future posts). There are a couple of benefits to striker fired pistols in the area of concealed carry. Firstly, there is no external hammer, allowing for a more snag-free design. It also ensures that each trigger pull, from the first through the final round of the magazine, has the same weight of pull. Some consider the lack of external safety on striker fired guns to be an advantage in self defense situations because it allows the operator to fire upon their assailant(s) with fewer steps (no need to disengage a manual safety before firing). But, there are others who feel that it presents a safety risk to carry a pistol without external safeties. The preference for the more traditional hammer fired or the more efficient striker fired systems is still a subject of much debate. What is your opinion of striker fired guns?

My success is driven by you……I will try my best to get you the best price.  Please check with me first.  Ask if I can beat XYZ‘s price on a shotgun, I will tell you yes/no and if I can get it in.  Looking for a specific  item, let me know……I’ll check.

Remember:  Keep your finger off the trigger until you engage your target!!!!

Dave McDaniel

19 FEB 2014

Hope you got the email telling you to check out my latest prices on my firearms!!!  These prices are my absolute minimum!!!!  I need to move this stock due to Business Insurance Bill came yesterday. Oh...that hurt!!!!!

     Help me make room and pay on the insurance:  Tell your buddies and your co-workers about my website!  These prices are only good if you checked out my website prices!!!!  If you walk in you will pay regular price...........

     Thanks for your support!!!!

     Remember:  Keep your finger off the trigger until you engage your target!

Dave McDaniel

27 FEB 2014

 Hello one and all again!  Business was great the past week with my price cuts.  I really appreciate the business!  Thanks to Dave, who brought in most of my customers!  Remember to ask for my special “Assistant Salesman” deal Dave the next time you are down this way!!!

     The sale was so great…I decided to keep it going this week on the firearms and ammo until 2 MAR….that is this Sunday!  The price I have on the ammo is pretty good if you buy three (3) or more boxes.  If you want to reserve ammo……at the price I have on it now…call me…..I will hold it for you at today’s price till 15 March……..After Sunday…..the prices go back to Pre-January’s prices I had by the box.

      I will not be open until 2:00 on Saturday….so please, get to the house tonight or Friday if you see something you want from 2-4 on Saturday.  If you want to make an appointment for Sunday, call me before Friday night! 

     .22 LR AMMO IS ON ITS WAY!!!!!  The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) ran into a big snag on their vendor they were buying ammo from this past year.  Here is an explanation from the CMP Website:

“The price increases and delays apply to orders we have already placed with the manufacturers. Prior to 2013 CMP received deliveries of truckloads of ammo within a few weeks of placing orders. We are now being advised, as in the case of Aguila .22, that it may take several years to receive all of the 35,000,000 rounds of Aguila ammo we have on order.

As a result of this situation, CMP has placed orders with several different manufacturers for large amounts of ammunition in various calibers. We expect to receive only a few pallets at a time because manufacturers and distributors are rationing the ammo to their customers. As we receive ammo, we will contact customers with oldest orders already in place with the option to purchase whatever we receive at the new prices, cancel the order, or remain on the list for the manufacturer they originally requested. All price increases to CMP will be passed on to the customer. CMP will not be profiting from the increase in prices.”

    Bottom line:  My original price I paid for 5,000 rnds would have been $6.25 a with the increase I just purchased, my price will be about:  $7.50 - $8.00 a box for 50 rounds.  I should be getting that shipment early next week.   I will see how I can package a “brick” for my customers if they so desire.  The rate will be cheaper by the “brick”.  The days of $17.50 for 500 rounds of ammo are gone.

     Looks like on the other hand, firearms are coming in an abundant number now.  Some items are still hard to come by made by Smith & Wesson, Ruger, Colt, and Sig Sauer; but GLOCKS are out there in big numbers!  Check with me before you buy at a “Big Box” store!!!

     WEB SITE:  I really appreciate everyone’s input for ideas on my website.  If you have any further suggestions…please let me know!  Thanks to Greg, I have really improved the latest look on pages.    

     Some people have texted me and sent emails they can’t get the pages to open.  I have sent emails out before on how to fix the problem, but will help you out over the phone if I can.  A PC is easy to get a solution to, but an iPhone may have an app problem that I may not be able to figure out.  If I can, I will try to help with your iPhone.  Just call me! 

     SPECIAL REQUEST ITEMS:  If you want a particular item, (scopes, rings, sights, laser sights ammo, rifles, pistols, magazines) come in and we can figure out if I can get it.  If I can and you want it, I will need a deposit and I will order right then.  Come in and talk with me.

     SPECIAL SHOOT COMING UP:  People I work with want to go shoot as soon as it warms up (April) and I thought that would be a great way to introduce some firearms that you don’t have but would like to try to shoot.  With all the people that show up, we should have a pretty good time doing this if we can get everyone together.  Personally, I think we need to have it at Spring Valley Ohio State Park off SR 42 between Xenia and Waynesville.  Nice cheap place and they have several firing points for rifles that we can get next to each other.  Handguns would be hard to get unless we are first to get there when they open.  I am looking to see what everyone would like to bring.  I will bring an M1 Garand (30.06 Cal), M1A Springfield (.308 Cal/7.62x51 MM), FN FAL (.308 Cal/7.62x51 MM), and maybe an M4 Carbine (5.56 MM) if I can get it sighted in with the scope.  If you are interested, let me know if you would like to bring something to let others try or if you don’t have anything but want to try, just let me know.  I am always ready to introduce someone to the sport of target shooting, so let me know!!!

      Thanks for your support!  Remember to keep your finger off the trigger before you engage your target!!!

Dave McDaniel





8 JAN 2014

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  Let’s hope that we all have a great and healthy New Year!  Thanks for your support and I hope that you continue to check with me on all your guns and ammo needs.  Looks like I might be expanding in areas in cleaning equipment after March.

ARTICLE:  I have talked to several women on what type of handgun they prefer.  This past year has brought quite a perspective on why also.  Read the following article:


 Revolver vs. Auto

 “Life-or-death personal-defense factors to consider before choosing your carry weapon!

Each morning I ask myself, “Should I carry my S&W J-Frame pistol today? It is so light I almost don’t know it’s in my bag. Or perhaps this Ruger .380 LCP, or maybe my S&W M&P Shield? How about the S&W Bodyguard? I will be out after dark tonight, and the Crimson Trace laser might be a handy tool to have.” Decisions, decisions.

Many women choose to carry a revolver because it is simple to operate, with few controls to manipulate beyond the trigger itself. Revolvers are also nearly malfunction-free, though malfunctions do sometimes occur (prevented with regular maintenance and the use of quality ammunition). The good news is that if the revolver fails to fire, just pull the trigger again.

Revolvers also have a long trigger pull, which may slow your shot down or cause you to flinch or yank the trigger. The long trigger pull is due to how the mechanism rotates the cylinder to make the weapon fire. Many times revolvers are carried in a purse, fanny pack, or pocket or ankle holster. On the flipside, it is possible that the long trigger pull will make the gun less likely to go off when you don’t want it to.”

COMMENT:  The article above doesn’t stress that with a semi-auto, the malfunctions that can occur.  I prefer a semi-auto.  I have shot mostly with the semi-auto and as I discussed in a previous post, a revolver just feels awkward to me.  I have talked to a few women at the Patriot Gun Show in Monroe where I had attended as a vendor, and most prefer a revolver.  Those that did were younger women (20-29 yrs. old).  That really surprised me.  The older women preferred semi-auto pistols.  I was thinking it would be reversed.  Of course, I recommended that they rent both before purchasing. 

FEEDBACK WANTED:  What type of firearm do you carry and why?????  If you are licensed and don’t carry, why not?????  Give me some feedback on these questions.  I have several views myself on this and will explain why when I get some feedback.

JANUARY HOURS:  I will be open Thursdays and Fridays 5-8 p.m. and Saturdays 12-4 p.m. unless an emergency on my part happens.   Once again, please if you have a need, let me know, I can set an appointment for you.


 Thanks for your support.  Remember….keep your finger off the trigger until you engage your target.

 Dave McDaniel

22 JAN 2014

Hello once again.   Just as a reminder about shooting….always treat the weapon as if it is loaded.  Case in point:  At in indoor range, the Safety/Range Officer want s you to point the weapon up in the air from the firing point to the rear area.  Don’t point down or just carry it, it makes people nervous.  Sometimes we get excited at the range and forget.  It is hard to remember when you get excited, but please try to remember safety is always first!

AVAILABILITY OF FIREARMS:  Just seems like when I get a request for a specific model I can’t get it for a few months; Henry Repeating Arms .22 Mag Golden Boy and S&W LS Model 642.  I waited 4 months to get the S&W in, and still waiting on the Henry!   Thought I had one, but it was just a regular .22 LR Octagon barrel.  Anyway, need to be patient.  I just got a S&W Shield in for a customer, just had to wait about five weeks.  Some will be easy to get, others, can’t tell you when.  I have some on backorder for nine months now (Kel Tec Sub 2000 and Ruger MKIII).   I believe the market is opening up somewhat, but hopefully more manufacturers are starting to catch up on orders.  Some manufacturer’s, (Ruger) are making it impossible for the small guy to get just 2-3 items.  They want you to buy a package deal, anywhere from $4500 - $8500 worth of firearms.   I would have bought, but there is always 2 items they put in the package you must buy that I would probably never sell.

AMMUNITION AVAILABILITY:  seems like some dealers are having better luck than others getting ammo.  I have no luck right now and still have 15,000 rounds of .22 LR on back order (nine months).    It sure is discouraging not being able to get orders filled.  I have some requests from a few friends for .357 SIG and .327 MAG.  If you need some of this, please let me know ASAP.  If I buy a bulk order, I can get a better rate.  Buying only 10 boxes is expensive for shipping.   Check with your buddies and let me know.

WINTER TIME IS BEST TIME FOR MAINTENANCE:  The best time to take care of your firearms is after you fire them.   The next best time is about every 3-6 months depending on your storage area.  If you have a safe in the basement, need to do about every 3-4 months depending on moisture content in your safe.   If you have a dehumidifier in your safe, about 5-6 months.   I usually hit my firearms every 5-6 months.  It takes a WHOLE day for me to do all mine.  (Yes I have a few).  Basically rodding, lubing, checking for rust is all I do.  I fire each one at least once a year, some every time I go out.  I don’t take apart or break it down all the time when I do fire them, depends on how many I rounds I fire thru it.  My .22 caliber long rifles and pistols I break down every other time to thoroughly clean them due to build up in the receiver/bolt areas of fired powder/dirt.  The bolt/firing pin on some models you can’t break down.  Make sure you use your Owner’s Manual that you got with your firearms and go by that to clean!!!  Some models the manufacturers tell you not to break down the bolt due to voiding the warranty or potential major malfunction of the firing pin/bolt.  I have never taken down the bolt carrier group on my .22 rifles/pistols for that very reason.  There are too many pressed pins that would require some special tooling to remove/install those parts.  Sometimes you may need the assistance of a gun smith to help reassemble your firearms.  (Yes I had to just recently).  If that is the case, don’t be afraid to ask for help/assistance.  Remember to use your manual (sometimes they aren’t always right).  If you still require assistance, ask around for a reputable gunsmith.  Do not ask Leroy down the block that works on cars for assistance….wrong guy to work on a precision piece of equipment that can explode in your face if not put back correctly. 

TARGETS:  What do use as a target?  At all ranges, you must supply your own target, but some ranges supply the target frame to put your target on.  I used old Army Silhouette targets when the boys were little.  Some people thought I was a “little off” having my 12 and 8 year old shooting at a man size silhouette.  That is what I was trained on and they trained on it as well.  We also used swinging targets for small caliber rifles and pistols.  My granddaughter uses a square cardboard backed target with a bulls eye target for outside shooting and a silhouette for indoor shooting. Considering what I started at:  using soup cans when I first started shooting, targets have come a long way.  They now have “Shoot-N-C” targets which are great for up to 50’ targets.  Anything after that I still need a spotting scope to look at my target.   Some ranges will only let you use certain targets, so please make sure you check before arriving with less than desirable targets to shoot at.  You will waste valuable time and resources  unless you arrive with the right stuff. 

     Thanks for taking a look at this website.  I appreciate your time and hopefully you will take the poll and tell me if you carry/conceal.  Please tell your friends to visit my website.  Also tell me if you  have a specific article on something you may have a question about.  Remember to keep your finger off the trigger until you engage your target!!!!

 Dave McDaniel

29 JAN 2014

From a friend of mine, Greg.

The Poison Bullet

 During the late '50s of the last Century, Armies primary weapon and ammunition reflected a line of thinking that it was better to engage the enemy from as far away as possible.  Hence, medium caliber, high powered bullets were used in fairly heavy rifles.  The hope was to be able to engage the enemy out to 500 meters and beyond.

This line of thinking came under heavy revision during the brush wars (Viet Nam, Cambodia, Laos, Panama, El Salvador, etc) of the late '50s and '60s.  Weapons experts came to the brilliant conclusion that the soldier could carry lots more ammunition if the caliber were reduced.  This also lent itself to lighter rifles, further reducing the load of the foot soldier.  Adding to this compelling argument was the fact that in jungle warfare, the shots taken were rarely more than 300 meters.

 The outgrowth of this development was the conception of the 5.56x45 NATO bullet which was initially developed from the .222 Remington.  After some initial resistance by soldiers to useing 'toy guns and baby bullets', the 5.56 NATO round and M16 rifle found general acceptance, and by the end of the Viet Nam conflict, had fully supplanted the M14 and 7.62 NATO as the Army's primary battle rifle, and round.

 The idea of a smaller caliber bullet allowing the soldier to carry more ammunition did not go unnoticed by the Warsaw Pact countries, primarily Russia.  However, they (the Russians) figured that the 5.56 NATO round could be improved upon.

Now the Geneva convention forbids the use of hollow point,  mushrooming, or frangible ammunition.  That is why almost all military ammunition is full metal jacket.  The clever Soviets found ways around this limitation.

 Enter the 5.45x39.5 Russian round, fired primarily from the AK-74.  The "poison bullet" was born.

 It is called "the poison bullet" because so few individuals survived being struck by it.

"Why" you ask? 

The Soviets found a way to make the projectile only marginally stable, so that initial impact  with anything of substance will cause to bullet to tumble or 'keyhole'.  This is by design, and is engineered into the projectile itself.

 Cutting a 5.45 bullet down it's length will reveal a copper jacket, a lead core, and a steel penetrator at the very center.  Just behind the steel penetrator is an air pocket.  It is this air pocket that gives the bullet its marginal stability and the ability to tumble on impact.

 A bullet which tumbles after hitting flesh will cause a modest entry wound, but a huge exit wound, which will most times be fatal if the bullet strikes the torso.  The bullet itself is not poisoned, but is remarkably lethal, nevertheless.  The moniker "poison bullet" stuck as a result.

 While the projectile itself is an engineering marvel, the rest of the round is rather commonplace.  The casing is lacquered steel with a very distinct taper to the casing which aids in extraction from the chamber, once fired.  The rim is significantly thicker than those on the average American round.  Inside the casing is ball powder, similar to the 5.56 NATO.  The primer is Berdan or small rifle, and is generally fulminated mercury (corrosive).  More recent manufactured cartridges use non-corrosive Boxer primers. 

 The 5.45 round, when fired from a shoulder operated rifle hardly has any recoil, and the extremely effective muzzle brake on the AK-74 reduces the felt recoil even further.

 While not as inexpensive as the ubiquitous 7.62x39 Russian round, the 5.45 round is still less than $0.15/shot.  With ammunition this inexpensive, and recoil so light, it is difficult to understand why the 5.45 Russian cartridge has not met with more wide acceptance.

 The engineering of the 5.45 projectile continues to this day, with the Russians increasing the penetrating power of the bullet in response to more and more soldiers wearing body armor. 

 All of this research and development into the lethality of the 5.45 leads me to this conclusion:  I'd much rather be on the sending end of the "poison bullet" than the receiving end.

 Thanks Greg for a great article!  I am very interested in anyone else submitting an article.  Please contact me and I will check it over.  Remember to keep your finger off the trigger until you engage your target!  Safe shooting everyone!

Dave McDaniel




     Hope everyone got their fill of turkey on Thanksgiving!  We had a great Thanksgiving being with Family.  Thanks to all who respected me being closed during that time-frame.

     NEW FIREARMS:  Please check my Firearms Page for new items on stock.  The market has opened up on most firearms except Colt, Henry, Ruger and Smith & Wesson.  Most other brands are available at different times of the month.  There are two Ruger’s available, RUG MKIII 22/45 22PST 5.5B AS and RUG 22/45LT 22LR PST 4.4TB B.  If you want one, now is the time to order.

     PISTOL SHOOTING STANCES:  Ever go to a range and have a Range Officer try to tell you how to shoot?  Well….I have and to top it off; he tried to tell my wife and my granddaughter with me standing right there!  The wife tried to do his stance, with non-firing hand cupped underneath the weapon…..she did it to have him quit bugging her and she was telling me what he was trying to tell her to do.  I just glared at him and told him that I taught her how to shoot and she does JUST great the way I taught her.  He then tried to tell my granddaughter how to shoot the same way as my wife and I just told my granddaughter in a very loud voice:  “Shoot the way Pap taught you HOW to shoot”.  He watched her after she was around the bull’s eye with a Ruger MK II pistol and walked away with his tail tucked.   If the Range Officer tries to tell you something like that, put the firearm down (pointing down range) and tell him you are comfortable the way you are shooting.  Of course if you are doing something that endangers others, then you must listen and obey them. 

      Each person has many factors to decide on how to shoot:  stance, arm strength, eye domination, eye sight and handgun stability issues.  There are several ways to shoot for plinking, aiming, defense and competition.  Which one works?  The one that you can control the handgun with the best, hitting the target, and being comfortable while shooting.  That is the best stance to use!!! 

     Of course the real marksmanship basics always has an impact on how you shoot:  sight picture, breathing control and finger/trigger technique are the biggest issues for being on your target.

     I have included a couple of You Tube videos for you to look at:  Handgun Stance Basics:  Weaver Stance vs Modern Isosceles Stance.  and Weaver vs Isosceles

     It was interesting to see these and get the take on which one to use.  I guess I use a hybrid between the two and depending on what I am shooting/practicing for (target or self defense).  Give me your take on your experiences with someone telling you how to shoot and what stance you used. 

     I will try to be open on Saturday but I have a pending appointment on Saturday afternoon.  I will send an email out to let you know for sure if I am open or not.

     Thanks for taking the time to read this and please pass this web site on to anyone that may be interested in looking at it!

    Remember:  Keep your finger off the trigger until you engage your target!


BABY ITS COLD OUTSIDE!  Time to start shooting at an indoor range!!!  I love to shoot, but not out in the cold.  The last time I shot in the cold was at Camp Atterbury, IN, in March 2003 for qualification before I was sent to Kuwait for Operation Iraqi Freedom.  I was miserable along with 120 other people with snow blowing sideways and wind chill near zero!! 

     I never liked shooting when I am miserable.  Several places around our area are available to shoot indoors.  Check out this website:, click on the tab “Find a place to shoot”.  You can find a place near you.  As I have talked about this before, it is a little expensive to shoot at these places and waiting for a lane to open up may take a while.  I would call ahead to see how long and busy they are before I go.

     I will be closed Saturday, 14 December, but I will be at the Patriot Gun Show, Treasure Isle Flea Market, in Monroe from 9 – 4 pm.  Again, if you need anything, give me a call at 937-657-9243. 

     SPECIAL ORDER ITEMS:  I have quite a few items on the special order list, and there are many others available.  Great deals are available on Glock Generation 3 pistols.  If you want one, let me know and I can get it in 3-4 days.  Smith and Wesson models Shield and Lady Smith are hard to get a hold of for me thru my distributors.  Ruger models LCP and LC9 are available also.  Henry Rifles are sporadic and .22 Magnum Golden Boys are not available at this time, I do have two on order. 

     After 20 December, I will be closed till after January.  If you need something before that time frame, please call me and I can get what you need.  For those that have items on order or ready to pick up, I will call you when I get the item in.  This will be my last Post till after January.

     I am looking forward to making sure I can get the best deal for you and me in 2014!!  Remember:  Keep your finger off the trigger until you engage your target!


Dave McDaniel


7 NOV 2013

Now that the election is over, I can concentrate on the gun and ammo business…..maybe.

     RELOADING CLASS:   I am finally able to host a Reloading Class this Sunday, 10 Nov 2013 at 2:00 pm.  Please, email me to RSVP at so I can figure on how many people I can accommodate.  If this date does not work for you, I will try to schedule another class in mid-January.   Please bring a snack/refreshment with you….sorry, no alcohol during the class.

    CURRENT MARKET CONDITIONs:  The market is really opening up with handguns and rifles.  Unfortunately, Lady S & W’s, Colt,  and Ruger handguns are not available yet.  Glock has flooded the market along with S & W M&P handguns and rifles.  Mossberg and Savage  rifles are readily available.  Again, if there is a specific item you want, call/email me and I can see if I can get it.  Some specialty packages like hunting rifles and scopes I may not be able to beat due to Dealer Packages by Distributors.

     OUT OF STATE SALES:  Recently recorded my first out of State sale.  I received the payment (Most important), sent item to an FFL Dealer neat the customer.  The customer does an NICS with the FFL and pays the FFL for the NICS check.  No problem as long as customer can pass the NICS check.  If customer does not pass the NICS:  Customer needs to pay return shipping….yea…you know that isn’t going to happen.  I’ll have to absorb that.  The shipping and insurance for the handgun was about $27.00…so that would be an additional cost to the customer.  One big item to be concerned with:  Those ‘UNFRIENDLY” gun states cannot have certain firearms shipped there, so buyer beware.  Of course I usually see that when I look at the item when I buy it.  So far, I have noticed only one item not allowed to be shipped/sold to Ohio……it was a semi-auto  “rifle” that did not meet the barrel limits. 

A rifle (or carbine) must by federal law have and overall length of 26in and a barrel length of 16in. per

     ARMORERS:  1. a maker or repairer of arms or armor. 2. a person who manufactures, repairs, or services firearms.  Do you remember when I was talking about my Granddaughters rifle that had a plastic front sight on it?  I had a local dealer/gunsmith repair/install an iron sight on her rifle.  I am really anxious to try it out.  Finding a good armorer is a question posted to me.  You basically have to go by word of mouth.  Of course getting the item back is a concern also when you do find a decent armorer.  A good armorer may take a month or more to get the items back.  You may want to consider that when you do start asking for one. 

     GUNSMITH:  A gunsmith is a person who repairs, modifies, designs, or builds firearms. This occupation differs from an armorer. A gunsmith does factory level repairs, renovation (such as applying metal finishes), and makes modifications and alterations for special uses. Gunsmiths may also apply carvings, engravings and other decorative features to an otherwise finished gun. 

      ARTICLES NEEDED!!:  Readers:  I need some ideas on articles.  I usually talk about what people are unsure of or want more information.  Please, help me out:  submit an article or even a suggestion/question on something.  Thanks.

Remember:  Keep your finger off the trigger until you engage your target!!

Dave McDaniel


 We had a great Reloading class this past Sunday….can’t decide which was better, the snacks or the reloading…HA!!!! 

      A great time was had by all of us (three); but learning from each other and teaching was the best part of the day plus the camaraderie was even better.  Looks like another class coming in mid-January for those that did not make it to this past class.  We will attempt to reload pistol ammo (9MM or .45 Cal). 

      Business was great last weekend also.  Thanks to all that came out that looked and bought.  I appreciate the business very much and also talking and learning about guns.  Several people have requested quotes for firearms and I have given those quotes out.  A few have decided to order those quoted items.  A deposit will be required within a week of when I place the item on my Wish List or 50% if item is available immediately.   If you have any questions, please email me or call me and I will work with you.  Once the item is in, a NICS background check will be required.

     BLACK FRIDAY SALES:  As I explained to several people that recently bought firearms, you may want to start looking/buying now.  Last year NICS checks took two days to complete the week of Thanksgiving and up until Christmas Eve on the weekends.  Right now it takes five minutes to run a NICS check. 

      PRICE TAG AMOUNT:  My prices are negotiable if you just walk in and look at the price tag.  If you go to the web site, that price is pretty much the price, but we can talk.  There is a discount price for the items on the web site.

      FIREARMS AVAILABILITY:    Looks like the market has let loose with firearms….but they are very limited for some manufacturers.  Some are more available than others.  I still have no idea when S & W will be available.  Ruger’s you can forget about from me….and .22 LR ammo I have, but it’s not cheap.  Still waiting on my .22 LR from the CMP, which I was to receive in October, and still no delivery date available.   I have plenty of 5.56 MM and .223 Cal available.  I also have .32 AUTO, 9MM and .380 AUTO and some .45 Cal available as well.  Anybody need .30-.30?  I should have some in Wednesday. 

      PROJECT CHILDSAFE:   Keeping our child/children safe when it comes to firearms.  This is an issue that no one can ignore.  This project is intended to educate your family and community about safe gun handling and storage.  You can also get  a safety gun kit for your firearm.  See information about your local Police Department Distribution Partners at  Several departments were registered at one time and may need to re-register.  Please talk to your local police Department and get involved with this program.  If your police department is not involved, give them the contact email: to register. 

      HOURS:  Open 11-14-13 from 5-8 pm, Closed Friday 11-15-13, open Saturday 11-16-13 from 12-4 pm. 

      Can’t make it to my place on normal hours?  Need to make an appointment Monday thru Wednesday?  Call me at 937-657-9243 to see if we can agree on a time for both of us to meet!

      Thanks for your support!  Please pass this web site on to any of your friends.  If they would like to be added to my email list for notices that something has been added or changed to the website, have them contact me by email at:

      Remember:  Keep your finger off the trigger until you engage your target!  Have a safe time shooting!

 Dave McDaniel


 Another great past weekend where sales were great.  Hope all that bought will enjoy their new firearms!  Please make sure you clean those weapons before you go to the range!  You will definitely get more enjoyment out of a functional weapon than a non-functional weapon!!!

      SPECIAL ORDER ITEMS:  Please look at Special Order items this week.  If you are in the market for an M4/M16 type firearm, new info is posted under the “SPECIAL ORDER” tab for Rock River LAR15 Operator and Tactical series rifles.  I feel that my price can’t be beat right now.  If you find one cheaper….buy it or bring me the advertisement/signed business card with clerk name and price.  I will see what I can do for you.  If you want one…I would order ASAP.  These things will go fast.  This item will require full payment.  If item cannot be delivered in a timely manner, I will refund your money.

      AMMO:  Availability is there if you jump on it early.  Some guys told me they were getting ammo from “Cheaper Than Dirt.Com”.  I can’t imagine they are paying that price for ammo with a shipping charge tacked on.  Take a look at my ammo price list, it’s not the cheapest, but it is “Cheaper” than “Cheaper Than Dirt.Com”.  At least I am reasonable on some ammo…granted not all, but most of it.

     CLOSED FOR THE THANKSGIVING HOLIDAYWEEKEND:  I will be closed from Thursday till Sunday on Thanksgiving Weekend.  If there is something you want to buy that I have, I will open for you, but not to look.  I am having company coming in for the Holiday and will be busy.  We can hook up if you want a few items.  If you want to Special Order an Item, call me please and we will get together for paperwork and payment for that item.

      SAFETY AND AWARENESS:  More and more people are arming themselves which I personally don’t have a problem with.  The problem I have is not paying attention to what you are doing on a range and being reckless.  We all have good intentions of being safe, but sometimes we get a little “loose and careless”.  PLEASE:  adhere to safety rules and be courteous to other shooters.  I have really only experienced two episodes of “unfriendly” shooters at a range and that happened about 24 years ago.  Most people today are friendly and are curious about what you have to fire.  Be courteous, but also be aware of what you are doing with them. 

     If you are alone on a range, make sure you have at least one magazine of ammo when you leave……… don’t want to be robbed at a range.  Yes it has happened, but please be aware of your surroundings and other’s intentions.  Case in point:  Family surrendered their firearms to other firers when they were asked if they had anymore ammo…which they replied no….  A gun was turned on them and were robbed of all their firearms and money…at a public range!!!!

      ARTICLES/TOPICS WANTEDIf you would like to contribute anything to the website, please send it to me.  If you have a question about something, please ask me….I will find out or get an answer for you.

      WHAT MANUFACTURER DO YOU RECOMMEND?:  I have been asked this several times since I have been open for business.  There are as many pro’s as there are con’s for most manufacturers.  I usually go on somebody’s recommendation of their personal experience.  Some people will not buy a Taurus, some will.  What somebody experiences with that manufacturer, I will let a customer know what I found out about the issue of the firearm.  For every pro, you will find 10 con’s; and for every con, you will find 10 pro’s.  Sometimes I will just tell someone:  “Buyer Beware”.    I will tell you if I know what I like about one type of firearm over another.  That may be because I have experience with that manufacturer.  My opinion is just that, so please, only you can make a decision on what you want to go with. 

      The best advice I can tell you is to do research on the web and if you know someone that has that type of firearm you want, ask them if you can try it out under their supervision.   You will want to buy ammo for that and at least fire two – three mags/clips thru it to make a decision.  If you can’t handle the firearm after a few shots, then stop… may not get any better at it and cause injury/death to you/someone. 

        Some indoor ranges rent handguns for you to try out.  That is the best way, but as I discussed in a previous Post, that gets expensive.   I don’t know if they rent long guns.  Here are a few web sites / places to look at to rent firearms: 



        Sim Trainer:

     I subscribe to this philosophy:  It is better to put down a few bucks to find out what you want versus buying an expensive gun and then find out you don’t like/can’t use it.

      Thanks again for visiting my site.  Please if you know someone that might be interested in taking a look, please pass my web site address to them.  I they would like to be put on my email list, have them send me an email.

      Remember:  Keep your finger off the trigger until you engage your target!!!!

 Dave McDaniel

POST 27 NOV 2013

     Happy Thanksgiving everyone!   What have you got to be thankful for?  I guess I could say I am thankful for a lot of things…perhaps the most obvious one is that I am thankful God sent his Son, Jesus, to take away my eternal death that I may be able to be with Him.  That is what I am thankful for above all else!

     OHIO STAND YOUR GROUND GUN BILL:  Just to bring you up to date:


Posted: 2:49 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 20, 2013

Ohio House approves “stand your ground” gun bill

By Jackie Borchardt

Columbus Bureau

The Ohio House today approved “stand your ground” legislation, voting 62-27 on a bill that would also ease requirements for carrying a concealed firearm in Ohio. The bill now goes to the Ohio Senate.

Under House Bill 203, Ohio would recognize other states’ concealed carry permits if those states recognize Ohio’s permits. The bill also lowers the number of required concealed carry training hours from 12 to four.

A provision that would remove an Ohioan’s legal obligation to retreat before using deadly force to protect him or herself has received the most attention from gun rights supporters and advocates for gun safety. Earlier this year, Dayton city officials passed a resolution opposing “stand your ground” legislation.

Twenty-four states have some variation of a “stand your ground” law. Florida’s law gained national attention last year when George Zimmerman killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in his suburban neighborhood. Zimmerman’s attorneys did not invoke the law in his defense.

The bill cleared a GOP-controlled House panel on Tuesday mostly along party lines after weeks of debate and revisions.

Among the states with stand your ground laws are; Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and West Virginia.

*******************************END ARTICLE*********************************

      Looks like there might be some debate on this bill in the near future.  The only thing I don’t like is the number of hours being reduced for the training required to get a Concealed Carry Weapons Permit (CCW).  I believe that the 12 hour block of classroom and range time was adequate.  I think minimizing those hours of training may impact training and education on the weapons.  My opinion.

     WEBSITE UPDATE:  Just to let you know that pages should be better to see for Firearms, Ammunition, and Miscellaneous Products (should see wider page).  If you have an issue, please check your Internet Browser settings. 

     Again, please forward this website address and my email to any of your friends that might be interested in getting notifications on products and information.

     Remember:  Keep your finger off the trigger till you engage your target!  Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Dave McDaniel



     I was on vacation last week so I hope you all don’t mind.  I want to draw your attention to the HOT OCTOBER GUN DEALS.  I have a new item, Marlin Model 60 coming in Friday.  I will be anxious to see if the front sights are plastic.

     Just as a reminder, my hours will be posted on the Calendar on the web site.  This Saturday I will be open, from 12 – 3:30.  If you are coming and looks like you are running late, call me and I will stay open for you!!! BUT:  if you call and you don’t come…then we have a problem.

     I am trying to finalize plans on the reloading date, so please, let me know if you prefer one day over another.  I’m also looking at maybe Columbus Day if some of you are interested?  Just drop me an email.

     I had some great sales two weekends ago and a friend of my son ordered a rifle last week.  I was able to do preliminary NICS paperwork, order it and it came in 3 business days.  It depends on the Distributor when I will get it.  Needless to say, the customer really likes the rifle I got for him…oh and cheaper than Dicks and Gander Mountain prices too!!!!

     Please if you know what you want, let me try to see if I can get it for you.  Sometimes depending on the gun, it may take a while, but unless you’re in a hurry….let me get it for you.

    This will be a short note this week.  Some of you know I am running for Franklin City Council, so please, if I can put a sign in your yard, let me know.  I will be stopping by to see some of you.  Of course, if you would like to help me campaign, PLEASE let me know you can help!!!  I need all the support I can get to push my name out there right before election. 

     That is all I will talk about politics on this web site….I hope.  Please pass this email on to your friends that you think might would like to look at the web site.

     Remember to keep your finger off the trigger before you engage your target!!!  THANKS!!!

 Dave McDaniel



     Hunting season is around the corner.  Take care if you are out and about in the woods.  Hunters may not distinguish you from a deer, so be aware and don’t act like a wild animal, or you may be on somebody’s wall as a Sasquatch mount.  HA!!!!!!!

     I will be closed this Friday and Saturday, 11-12 Oct, but if you need something, see me Thursday night, please!  I am available by appointment if you need something after 4:00 p.m. on 14 Oct.


      I had a discussion this past week with a friend about steel casing vs. brass casing ammo.  My take on it was this:  It’s Cheap, It’s not “RELOADABLE”, and It’s ‘DIRTIER”.

     If you look at different posts on the internet, you will get the jest of what I just said.  Here are a few lines from the Internet:


 Q:  What is the difference between steel and brass ammo? (9x19mm to be specific). Is the steel cheaper because it's difficult to reload? Is it rougher on your pistol than regular brass cased ammunition?

 ANS:  Steel has been used since at least WWII to save money and resources when manufacturing ammunition.
Mild steel is cheaper than brass, which is the primary reason it's used. However, it doesn't seal the chamber as well as brass does. Theoretically, that could cause more carbon build up in the chamber (not the best for reliability or keeping things clean) and, I suppose, maybe lower velocities.
It probably doesn't shrink like brass does, either. As I recall brass expands and then contracts a little, which makes it easier to extract.
Steel isn't very elastic, which probably increases the chances of a failure to extract/stuck case. Again, that may or may not be a problem depending on how violently a weapon can extract the casing. (Violent extraction...good or bad is another topic of debate, more so when you're talking about rifles than handguns.)
It's also needs to be coated in a heavy lacquer, polymer, etc. or it will rust. Sometimes these coatings can be problematic for different firearms.


FROM AR15.COM (OCT 2009):



WHY DO OTHER SAY NO ? They want to tell me that steel will tear it up . This seems like a pitch to sell more brass. the guy who build the gun and has been doing so for 25 years and even outfits Navy Seals said Wolf steel is what he uses.

Well if it is good enough for the Navy Seals armorer then it should be good enough for the rest of us.
But seriously, Wolf is fine you just have to make sure you keep up the cleaning.

Maybe because OTHER is ill informed. Steel cased ammo (Wolf, Bear, et al) is fine. Happy shooting.

Okay, THEORETICALLY; Steel is harder than brass,steel on steel is harder than brass on steel. Steel cases don't expand and grip the chamber as well as brass, which allows gas to blow back. conversely steel doesn't "relax" as fast as brass, and causes extractor ,extracting problems. Steel cases need some kind of lube/ coating , to function and this wears off and builds up in the chamber. It's not the way my Daddy did it. My cousin's brother-in-law's ,mailman said don't Enough? If it works in your gun and you want to shoot it, shoot it world won't stop rotating. If you have problems under warranty, don't admit it. These are just reasons armchair experts have espoused. Your mileage may vary.

I would find your guys claim of being a SEAL armorer and using steel very suspect.
#1 SEALS use issue military (brass) ammo.. #2 alot of SEALS are very avid shooters and the recruiters i used to train with never used steel.. #3 Armorers who outfit SEALS are Navy men again see #1..
That said 9 out of 10 times the shooter is the problem not the ammo..

This is the only thing I can agree on with you.
Steel can be incredibly hard, but steel cartridge cases are made from fairly soft steel-no harder than the brass used in cases.
Steel cases indeed don't expand like brass to seal the chamber. Steel isn't as "springy" as brass. This allows gasses and soot to flow backward into the front part of the chamber. But only a little gunk at a time. And if the case hasn't expanded enough to seal the chamber, how can it cause extraction problems? It can't, but the soot can if you let it build up by not cleaning it out.
Steel cases need a coating to prevent rust. NOBODY uses "lacquer" today, even the stuff that looks like lacquer is a plastic of some kind. It does NOT come off or build up in chambers. This is something people blame their extraction problems on when it's actually that they don't bother to clean their chambers. The US government experimented with steel cases with a zinc coating during WWII-it worked very well.
Daddy didn't have access to Russian ammo plants where all the tooling to make steel cases is all set up and running. Daddy missed out.
Those people who said "don't" probably just passed on what they heard at the gun shop. And unless they could demonstrate exactly how using steel ammo had kicked their daughters and got their dogs pregnant, I would give them exactly as much credence as any other uninformed person giving advice. They may mean well, but if they don't know what they're talking about, that advice is worthless.
Remember, the Soviets kept half of Europe under their boot heels for 50 years using steel cased ammunition.”

END of Thread……………

The overall points to take for steel casings:

1)     Does not expand like brass.

2)    May be harder to eject if the weapon has not been properly cleaned in a timely manner

3)    May get “stuck” in revolvers.

Some of the other issues to consider:

1)    Steel casings do not wear out a barrel, but a steel bullet will wear out a barrel.

2)    Steel casings are cheaper depending on when/brand/caliber you buy.  (From personal experience; steel is not always cheaper after a Connecticut incident!)

3)    Brass you can reload, but inspect all brass for any signs of wear/splitting/ cracking.

4)    If steel ammo has rust on it….discard the round in a safe manner by taking the bullet apart by either a kinetic bullet puller or a special collet-type set of bullet pulling dies for use with a reloading press.

When it doubt, don’t use it!!!!!


     Once again I must say if you would like to buy a certain firearm you know that you want, check with me before you buy it, please.  I could have saved a friend $120.00 with my price for a pistol he just bought.  The dealer really took him.  If you do want to order the item and it is on stock at my distributor’s, I need a deposit.  I’ve already been burned twice since I’ve opened and have $2300 in merchandise on my shelf.  (That is just two guns).  As a small business man, I can’t afford any more “purchases” that you might be interested in if I have it on hand and don’t buy. 

     I am willing to do whatever I can to get what you need, but not willing to take a loss on it for you.  I don’t make much as it is.  The wife is tired of running up and down the steps for the UPS guy delivering my merchandise.  (She doesn’t realize she has lost an additional 15 pounds since I opened this business up……HA!!!!!)


     If you see something you want on the PRIVATE SALE ITEMS, email me and I will forward the information on to the owner.  Again, I sell to people I know, people that are recommended to me and neighbors only.


     October is a wild and crazy month for me…so please make sure you look at the calendar on my website for my days that I am closed and open.  If you need something and can’t wait; call me and I can be available when both our schedules can be matched.

Again, thanks for your business and I would appreciate any advice or suggestions for topics to cover.  Please pass my web site/email on to your friends.

Remember to keep your finger off the trigger until you engage your target!!!

Dave McDaniel



Post 4 SEP

Thanks to all who commented to last week’s Post about buying a Handgun.  I really appreciate the reviews!!!  I was challenged by a friend about rifles:  What do I buy??

      Well, to me this is a no brainer:  Buy a .22 caliber target rifle.  Why?

1)       Ammo is cheap when you can find it and buy it.

2)      A great rifle to learn the principles of shooting!

3)      Most target rifles are less than $230.00…when a good deal can be found.

     OK, so what rifle is worth buying for a Novice shooter?  Well, just like the hand gun article:  The one you shoot best with!!!!  Of course you and I can go into great debate on which one to buy:  Lever action, single shot, Tube fed, magazine fed, and any other type that can be found out there.  I learned to shoot on a Savage .22 caliber single shot bolt action rifle that my Grandfather MAC gave to me the summer I was 8 ½ years old.  By far the best rifle I have to date.  Since I got this rifle in early 1960’s….I kept this rifle to date and I still take it to the range to shoot.  Never had to adjust the sights…after all, rear sight is the only sight that can be adjusted. 

    FOR THE NOVICE:  More bang for the buck:  Semi-auto tube fed or magazine fed is great for plinking (see previous article) and for consistent repetitive shooting.  The bolt action is really great for conserving bullets due to time to load.  I also like the feel of mine since it is so old…at least 60 years old.  The sights are simple for older models and I highly recommend you look at the sights on these rifles before you buy.

     I purchased my Granddaughters’ first rifle at age 2….a “Chipmunk” or “Youth” .22 caliber rifle.  Don’t worry:  of course I didn’t give it to her at 2 yrs. old…I waited till she was 4 and understood what Pap was saying to her.  I explained what the rifle was for and how to hold it, how to carry it and most important…when to aim it.  We went thru this little ritual for TWO YEARS before I felt comfortable if she could handle it.  AT age 6 ½, I took her to a range when it would not be crowded and not many people there so she wouldn’t get scared of all the big bangs.  We had a good lesson and she hit the swinging target about 5 times out of 200…….for her first time out she had the basic principle of sighting.   She was so excited to shoot her rifle and when she did hit the target, she would look up at me and have this big smile on her face.  She progressed and improved each time we went out and during the winter we would get the rifle out and practice aiming it in the basement and doing trigger squeeze and breathing.  She understands the basic principles.  After another couple of years, at age 9, we went on an unusual “cool” weekend in March.  She was not able to aim her chipmunk rifle….she was too big for it.  Her arms were too long for her to try to aim it.   I was silently laughing to myself trying not to bust out loud…and finally after watching her struggle and her not hitting the target after a half hour…I finally suggested  she try Pap’s old bolt action rifle.  She really didn’t want to shoot it because it was “long” compared to hers and she refused.  I started shooting it next to her on the bench and she saw that it didn’t “kick” any more than hers and I was hitting the target.  She agreed and after about five rounds of shooting around the bulls eye, she announced she needed a new gun like mine……

     After about 20 rounds of shooting mine, I started shooting a Marlin Model 60 tube fed rifle and she again saw I was on the bulls eye and firing pretty steady without reloading.  I told her if she liked mine, she would really like this one.  She didn’t offer any resistance and shot the heck around and in the bulls eye.  She was hooked on the Marlin Model 60 semi-auto tube fed rifle………Amazing that Santa brought her a Marlin Model 60 Stainless Steel tube fed rifle this past Christmas…..How did he know that?  Anyway, she shot the bulls eye out at 15 feet this past Feb at Vandalia Armory….Yes, shot it out right out of the box.  However…the next time we went out, the sight was bumped and she couldn’t get it on paper.  I couldn’t get it on paper either.  After buying a laser bore sight, I got it close to the zero on it this past summer, but because the sight is plastic….I don’t like it.  She still loves it, but I don’t like the plastic sight…All new Marlins come with a plastic front sights and I called Marlin last week and told them how disappointed I was with that sight.  I will have to get an Armorer to put a metal sight on it and it will not be cheap.  More on this subject in a future article.  Marlin told me in order to keep the cost down on their products, they are putting plastic front sights on.  Keep this in mind when you buy a rifle!!!

     All major fire arms manufacturer’s sell target rifles from about $180 to about $4000.  Yes, up to $4000 for a premier competitive target rifle (Anschutz). 

     BORROWING:  Once again, I ask you to try a friend’s target rifle out and see how it feels.  I have my Bolt Action Savage, Marlin Model 60 and a Winchester that belongs to my brother.  The Marlin and Winchester are very similar and both are very well made.  (Older models of course). 

     CONSIDER SIGHTS:  Again…. I prefer Iron sights to plastic.  Consider this also as the plastic tends to “wonder”.  I also will not teach a beginner to shoot with a scope.  I think that is “Cheating” by not learning the basics.  Only when you want to hunt or do sport shooting or another type of reason I will not discuss, do you use a scope on a rifle.  I’m not against scopes, it’s just that they have a specific purpose and yes, I have just one scope on all the guns I have…..just one.

     INTERMEDIATE AND SEASONED SHOOTER:  Here is where I have the best fun with my sons.  Putting bullets closet to the bulls eye on paper with a 30.06, .308, 7 MM, 7.62x39 MM, or .223/5.56 MM.  My rifles that I have vary from M4 Carbine, AR 15, M1 Garand, M14, SKS, or 1895 Mauser.   Again, these are open sights except for the M4 Carbine which has a scope.  It is really competitive when we shoot to see who gets the most bulls eyes.  Dad’s sight is getting bad…so I can’t lie here……….the boys win here.  Maybe after eye surgery they will be 2nd and 3rd again……HA!!!!! 

      TYPE OF FIREARM:  The preference here is your choice of caliber.  Need to consider the purpose of what you are going to use it for and how much you can afford.   Assault rifles have come down in the few weeks. 

     COST OF AMMO:  7.63x39 MM is the cheapest right now, .223/5.56 MM, then a toss-up with the rest and when it is available and where you get it. 

     CONSIDER COST OF FIREARM:  Buyer beware of used firearms.  When you buy from a private seller, you can more than likely ask for them to go to a range with you to have you try it out.  Of course, you should buy a box of ammo to shoot it unless you negotiate that in the buy of the firearm.  I am always wary of buying anything that is used at a “GUN SHOW”.  Deals stuck in the parking lot can be great, but you could also buy a piece of junk (More than likely).  I personally would never buy a firearm in a parking lot, you are at great risk.  During the last Gun show I attended in January….not only was I cold, but stupid.   Prices were so high after the Connecticut shooting that deals were going down as people were outside waiting to go in.  M4/AR 15’s were selling for $1500 - $2000, without even being tested.  Boy, would I have made a mint on those deals if I were selling them.  Costs now are down, so you can get a better deal by buying a new one rather than a used one. 

     Again:  Use common sense and always ask if the dealer can do better.  As I stated before, I can USUALLY beat a Dealer’s price, but may not be able to get the firearm you want depending on the brand.  I will do what I can.

     WANTED:  I need more input on any topics that you would like to read about.  Please assist me by contributing any type of information or anything you want me cover.  I am not an expert by any means, but I know quite a few people that have some great knowledge in different areas.

     I would like to get a Police Officer’s view on issues that relate to a CCW being stopped and your perspective on what you think.  No names will be used.  Please help me out.  Safety is always an issue.  Hope you saw the notice of defects for the M&P Shield on my Products page.  If you have one, please check the link to the notice!!

     Check the calendar on my website:  I will be closed at different times this month.  You can always make an appointment with me, so please call me. 

     Remember:  Keep your finger off the trigger until you engage your target!!!!

11 SEP

Friends:  I appreciate all the emails I have received on my articles lately.  Please:  if you would like to have an article on a specific subject, please let me know.


      A friend asked me the difference between regular ammo and +P or +P+ ammo:  here is the definition:   +P is small arms ammunition that has been loaded to a higher internal pressure than is standard for ammunition of its caliber (see internal ballistics1), but less than the pressures generated by a proof round. This is done typically to produce rounds with a higher muzzle velocity,2 and stopping power, 3 such as ammunition used for defensive4 purposes. Because of this, +P ammunition is typically found in handgun calibers which might be used for defensive purposes.5

     Magnum cartridges, such as .357 Magnum or .44 Magnum, are usually developed by greatly increasing the working pressure of an existing cartridge, and the resulting cartridges are typically different in some small manner to prevent them from being chambered in firearms not specifically designed for them. For example, the .357 Magnum is slightly longer than the .38 Special, the lower powered round from which it was derived. +P ammunition, however, is externally identical to standard ammunition of its caliber. This was done when the ammunition manufacturers lowered the pressure of their standard rounds (1972). +P ammunition was designed to replicate the performance of what had been standard pressure cartridges. +P cartridges are not recommended to be used in firearms of questionable quality.6

     OK, so what does all this mean?  BE CAREFUL!!  If your firearm is not rated for +P or +P+, DON’T USE IT!!  +P and +P+ are used for defensive rounds.

     Pressure ratings:  A 9MM standard cartridge may have a pressure of 35,000 psi and a +P cartridge may have a rating of +10%, around 38,500 psi.  Any load over 38,501 would be rated +P+. 

     SAAMI:  Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturer’s Institute. :  (SAAMI) is an association of the nation's leading manufacturers of firearms, ammunition and components. SAAMI was founded in 1926 at the request of the federal government and tasked with:

  • Creating and publishing industry standards for safety, interchangeability, reliability and quality
  • Coordinating technical data
  • Promoting safe and responsible firearms use

     So you think if I just put some powder in a cartridge and put a bullet in it and a primer and you can shoot it?  Guess again.  There is so much fore-thought and research that goes into the firearms industry that it is a science by itself.  There is always a chance that a misfire occurs in a firearm, so be careful!  In case that happens:  hold the weapon on the target and wait one minute before you take any action.  Declare a cease fire and take appropriate action to eject the round, depending on the situation.  Why wait a minute?  The primer may still go off and charge the powder and you don’t want it to go off in your hand.  When in doubt, ask for assistance from another shooter. 

          I do not personally own any firearms that are rated for +P or +P+ ammunition.  If you do, send me a note about what you think and how it performs.  After reading some blogs about the ammunition, the consistent concern of these owners for +P and +P+ is the recoil of the weapon.  It was argued about the accuracy of the second round being fired at a target and the time it took to “get sighted” back on the target with the extra recoil versus a standard primed bullet.  I thought that was pretty interesting, even if you are talking about mille-seconds compared to the standard rounds being fired.  Fact is that a handgun (as discussed on previous article about your choice of different calibers) does not have an instant impact on a target unless it is a direct head/organ shot.  A blog I read that an individual may not realize they are initially shot until the 2nd/3rd round is in them.  That is pretty amazing unless you use hollow point or other devastating type ammunition for a target.  The other concern from a law enforcement concern is that the target may be alcohol or drug induced, therefore noting that 2 to 3 rounds may not even have a direct impact, again noting location of striking vital organs as immediately taking the target down. 

     For the Sport Shooter:  Standard ammunition would be my choice; again, +P or +P+ ammunition you are going to pay a premium.  Again, the choice of the type of firearm you want versus your need is to be taken into consideration.  New Firearms are stamped the caliber they shoot on the barrel or on the frame of the firearm. 

     As always, please pass on my email to your friends that may be interested in this site.  I am always looking forward to meeting new people that are interested in target shooting as a sport or hobby.  Please also note that if you are interested in purchasing a firearm, check with me to see if I can get you a better deal. 


  1.  Internal ballistics, a subfield of ballistics, is the study of a projectile's motion from the time its propellant's igniter is initiated until it exits the gun barrel.   Courtesy:  Army 1965, p. 1‑2
  2. Muzzle velocity is the speed a projectile has at the moment it leaves the muzzle of the gun.
  3. Stopping power is the ability of a firearm or other weapon to cause a penetrating ballistic injury to a target (human or animal) enough to incapacitate the target where it stands.
  4.  Self-defense or private defense (see spelling differences) is a countermeasure that involves defending oneself, one's property, or the well-being of another from harm.[


     I have received some contributions for posts on my website on the Products Page, please take a look.  One link is “Where to Fire?” thanks to NSSF and the other is “Slide Fire/Slam Fire and Its Legal”.

     “Where to Fire” is a great site to locate indoor and outdoor range.  Indoor ranges you will pay a premium to fire.  I get more bang for the buck at ODNR at Spring Valley.  Depends on what you want and need, so there are plenty of options out there for you to pick from. 

     “Slide Fire/Slam Fire” Look at the YouTube video if you are looking for a way to justify the expense of auto fire versus spending money….and I mean spend money.  To convert an AR 15 with regular stock, about $460 including shipping…..oh and that doesn’t consider the ammo you will burn.  So is the Slide Fire/Slam Fire option worth it………………OH YES BABY!!!!!   I just have to figure out how to get that cash away from the wife to make it possible.   Maybe Santa will come early again this year like he does every year when I find something I want.

     After doing some research, looks like there isn’t much to changing out the Slide Fire/Slam Fire if you already have a collapsible stock.  I will let you know how it goes when I change out my regular stock to put on the Slide Fire/Slam Fire stock.  YouTube videos say there’s not much to it, but I am doing more research on it. 

     ACTIVE SHOOTER:  Be aware of your surroundings and what people are saying and doing.   I can get into a debate on all the pro-gun and anti-gun views, but that is NOT what my web site is about.  I sell to people that I know or that are referred to me.

     IMPACT OF SHOOTINGS:  Like all other mass shootings, this will impact the gun and ammo business.  Look for prices to go up.  My prices are current as is and will not go up.  Just when the market was getting better…….

     SPECIAL ORDERS:  If you see something you want, notify me immediately, these items are not available usually after a two day period.  The items I had posted last week were available as of this past Tuesday night.  Glock’s are flooding the market right now, if you want one; let me see if I can get it.  Smith and Wesson are hit or miss, only available in very small quantities and I currently have only one type on my Wish List.  Again, I need down payment to order for you. 

     .22 CALIBER AMMUNITION OUTLOOK:  I’ve had 10,000 rounds of .22 LR on order since February and may get some in October.  Can’t swear to it, but maybe.  There is no guarantee that I will get some in October, but if I do and you want some, send me an email and number of boxes please.  The boxes I have coming in are 50 rounds in each box.  I’m looking at $4.25 to $4.75 a box…depending on my final shipping cost.  As soon as I get it, I will let you know.

     STRAW PURCHASES/SALES:  Just remember, I cannot do “Straw Purchases/Sales”.  Straw purchases can be illegal in the United States when made at a federally licensed firearm dealership. If the straw purchaser of the firearm lies about the identity of the ultimate possessor of the gun, he can be charged with making false statements on a federal Firearms Transaction Record. If a firearm is purchased as a gift, the transaction is not a straw purchase, and the person buying the gift is considered the end user. Straw purchases made outside of federally regulated dealerships are not illegal unless the gun is used in a crime with the prior knowledge of the straw purchaser, or if the ultimate possessor is not legally able to purchase the goods/services.

     OHIO RECIPROCITY LAW:  Please visit this site: as posted on my Products Page.  This will give you an idea where you can and can’t travel with your firearm.  DO NOT have your firearm on you when crossing over the state line that does not have the reciprocity law.  You will be detained and LOSE your firearm.


This is a fast facts reference for Ohio CCW: 

Basic Gun Safety Rules:

  • Always keep the gun pointed in a safe      direction.
  • Always keep your finger off the trigger      until ready to shoot.
  • Know your target and what is beyond.

33 States Where Your Ohio CCW License Is Valid:

Alaska, Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wyoming

Firearm Transportation For Those With a CCW License Only:

  • Handguns: loaded guns and magazines      anywhere in vehicle.
  • Long guns must be in a closed case, in a      gun rack in plain sight, in plain sight with action open if at least 18”      barrel, or in a compartment reachable only by leaving vehicle.
  • Long gun magazines may contain      ammunition and be anywhere in vehicle but not inserted in long gun.

Encounters With Law Enforcement (pedestrian or vehicle):

  • Promptly inform officer you have a license and handgun.
  • Keep your hands in plain sight and do not touch handgun.
  • Comply with all officer commands.

Forbidden Carry Zones:

  • Any law enforcement station or detention  facility
  • Courthouse or building housing a courtroom
  • Govt. building (dedicated restroom, shelter, car park okay)
  • Place of worship (unless specifically allowed)
  • Any airplane and most airport buildings
  • Institution for the care of mentally ill  persons
  • School zone (drop off/pick up okay if  you stay in car), college or university (lock and leave in car okay)
  • Child day-care center
  • Liquor facility (okay if not drinking and not posted “no guns”)
  • Wherever federal law prohibits the  carrying of handguns
  • Any building or property posted as a "no gun zone"

 Thanks for taking a look at the website.  I appreciate your business!

Remember:  Keep your finger off the trigger until you engage your target!!!




     Beautiful weather this week, great weather to go shooting at a range, not too hot, not too cool.  Once again, just to report that anything I put in the SPECIAL ORDERS section:  Those items are available the day I put them on the website.  They may be there for an hour, or a few days.  If you think you know that you may want one of those items, I need at least 50% of the total cost.  I do not take credit cards due to a surcharge I would be charged.  The surcharge doesn’t sound like a great deal for you or for me. 

     FIREARMS OUTLOOK:  Looks like rifles are becoming more available; some assault rifles are also becoming available, but are gone almost as soon as they are posted on the Distributor sites.  The prices are also not as bad, they are coming down about 1.5% to 5% from last month. 

     AMMUNITION:  I still have a problem getting ammo from my Distributors, but looks like Cheaper Than Dirt has it coming in, but even my prices are CHEAPER THAN Cheaper Than Dirt… give me a look.  .22 Cal LR is still a mystery why it is so high and not available.  I do have some available, but I am asking $6.25 a box for 50 rounds.  That is high, but again, other places are asking $9.00 - $12.00 a box.

     MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS:  I do have some miscellaneous items in:  B/C Shoot-N-C Targets, 8 and 12 inch targets, cleaning patch holders, and pistol carrying cases.  Some handguns do not come with a carrying case, so I can at least provide a case for you, and it is cheaper than Wal-Mart’s Price!!!!

     BUYING FIREARMS:  All firearms bought thru me require an ATF Form 4473 (Firearms Transaction Record Part I - Over-the-Counter) to be completed by the buyer.  

     The National Instant Criminal Background Check System, or NICS, is all about saving lives and protecting people from harm—by not letting guns and explosives fall into the wrong hands. It also ensures the timely transfer of firearms to eligible gun buyers.

     Mandated by the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act of 1993 and launched by the FBI on November 30, 1998,  NICS is used by Federal Firearms Licensees (FFLs) to instantly determine whether a prospective buyer is eligible to buy firearms or explosives. Before ringing up the sale, cashiers call in a check to the FBI or to other designated agencies to ensure that each customer does not have a criminal record or isn’t otherwise ineligible to make a purchase. More than 100 million such checks have been made in the last decade, leading to more than 700,000 denials

     DO NOT buy a firearm for a person other than yourself!   An example:  Ms. Wright wants a firearm, but it is a 1911 series and she can’t even chamber a round due to a stiff slide.  She insists on buying it.  

     This is more than likely a “Straw Sale”, and I would not be able to conduct the sale.  Form 4473 is a document she must complete for herself, not her boyfriend that she is buying the gun for.  BUYERS BEWARE!!!  This is an unlawful sale and buy!!!

     PRIVATE SALES:  Those items listed as “PRIVATE SALE”  on my website DO NOT require a NICS check.  Those are strictly person to person sale.  If a buyer wants to transfer his Firearm to another person, I can do the NICS check for them and document the transfer on ATF Form 4473.  I keep the form for my records, but can make a copy for you


How long does than NICS Check take?  On a “normal” day, from the time you fill out the paperwork till I get a response from NICS, about 15-25 minutes.  Depends on how fast you complete the paperwork and how fast I can get in contact.  The fastest I did one was 12 minutes from start to finish.  The person filling out the paperwork knew what he was doing.  The slowest was 25 minutes, because we were talking about other things.  When “Christmas shopping” occurs, expect long delays, so buy early and of course, buy often from me!!!!  HA!!!

What happens to the ATF Form 4473?  The ATF Form 4473 you fill out I retain forever.  The paperwork must be maintained by me even if I go out of business!!!  The paperwork trail is created to track down a firearm.  AN example from Dayton, OH:  Firearm recovered during a robbery, has a serial number on it.  The serial number is first traced by the the FBI at the manufacturer location.  The manufacturer reports the gun was sold to XYZ Firearms Distributor in West Carrollton, OH.  FBI goes to XYZ Distributor, they track the serial number to ABC Gun Shop in Moraine.  FBI goes to ABC Gun Shop in Moraine and reports that Joe Smith from Dayton bought the gun.  FBI goes to Joe Smith and finds out he states he sold it at a Bill Goodman Gun Show….no paperwork. Involved.  Now, tell me, who is at fault here?  Is it Joe Smith for not reporting it sold or getting it transferred?  Absolutely YES!!!!  All intentions are great until the gun he said he sold to someone else revealed only his fingerprints were on the weapon that was recovered.  Since he did not really sell it and used the gun in a crime, he will pay the consequences.  The paper trail of tracking who bought the firearm and when is important.  The FBI does not go to NICS to track it down, they go to the FFL’s.  NICS does not retain records of sales, FFL’s do.

Can I transfer a firearm to another person?  ABSOLUTLY!!!  I bought a firearm for my son and transferred it to him.  Depends on who you go to what it will cost to transfer a firearm for the NICS check.  Check around for prices.  If you see an FFL online, call and ask his price, his advertised price online is usually for out of state transfers.  Local transfers:  Depends if I know them or not, I may/may not charge them. 

Can I go out of State to buy a firearm?  Depends on the event you go to.  If you go to Mt Sterling Court House Day:  YES; but if you buy from a Dealer, you can’t.  Again, a private sale requires no paperwork, just make sure the gun functions properly, once you walk away, it is yours and no returns.  I can only sell to Ohio residents.  You can purchase the gun out of state, but will need to be shipped to an Ohio FFL person and transferred to you. 

WEBSITE:  How do you like the product reviews on the website?  I really like that review on each firearm and will give you updates as when I get new firearms in.

SAFETY:  How many times have you cleaned your firearm without looking to see if it is loaded?  I’m guilty too for not double/triple checking my firearms when I clean them.  99% of the time I clean them right after I come home from the range.  I check them after I have fired them and I still check them before I clean them, but occasionally I get lazy and not check.  THAT IS WHEN ACCIDENTAL SHOOTINGS HAPPEN!  Please, check your firearms when you look at them and hand them to someone and if a firearm is handed to you.  WORSE EXCUSE EVER:  I didn’t know it was loaded!

     Please:  if you know someone that might be interested in this website, please pass it on to them and if they want to send me an email, please have them contact me.  

     As always:  Keep your finger off the trigger until you engage your target!

Dave McDaniel


11 Jul 2013 Post:

      Hello one and all:  Hope you enjoyed the Fourth of July celebration!!  It’s always a great day to celebrate and remember what sacrifices our ancestors did for us!!

     I hope you all had an opportunity to visit my web site!  Here is the link:  This has really been exciting to see this take off like it has!  I try to share my enthusiasm with my friends, so bear with me when I start to talk about “shooting”.  A friend of mine; George and I have had several talks about firearms and the more we talk, the more we learn from each other.  What a great way to learn something!  The more you talk about what you do when it comes to whatever you have a passion about, the more you may find someone else that has an interest in that passion also!  Cooking, running, biking, making beer, etc., it doesn’t matter, but keep an open line of communication with whoever you are talking to and if they don’t share that passion, then drop it.   So I guess I won’t be talking to anyone soon about my passion of eating broccoli and cheese…………….HA!!

     My last week’s email had a used Shotgun in it and you may not have noticed it.  It was past the Ammo Price List.  Adam:  I am sorry I put this at the end, but will try to avoid that this week. 

     Just as a reminder:  Those items that are listed as “Private Sale”, do not require a background check.  So I will have two for this week from some friends.  Make sure you tell your friends that might be looking for something we have listed this week.  Of course, my firearms sales do require a FBI NICs background check.

     OUT OF STATE SALES:  For those that live outside of OH, I cannot sell directly to you.  I can sell you a firearm, but it must go thru a FFL person in your state.  Once I receive payment and a copy of the FFL dealer License, I will then forward the firearm to your FFL dealer and he will do a background check on you.  Make sure you can pass the NICs check before purchasing / ordering a firearm.  I do not control what they charge for a background check, so make sure that is negotiated before I ship the item.  

     AMMO SALES:  You must be age 18 for rifle ammo and 21 for handgun ammo.  I actually prefer to sell to an adult over 21……….period.

     I will still send out my flyers as long as you want to stay on the list.  If you opt out, not a problem, and if you forward this to a friend, great!  Have them send me an email and I will put them on the list!

     If you do not get an email from me for a couple of weeks, please call me and let me know……….I might be dead in the basement counting my bullets I’m making!!!!!  Sincerely, I had my original Distribution list deleted and made another one, but left off some people.  Tom:  Sorry about that!!!  Hopefully you got the latest version and this one!  Thanks Tom for calling me; I’m only human and the wife can attest to all the mistakes I make! 


     CLEANING YOUR FIREARMMake no bones about it:  A clean weapon you can depend on, a dirty one you can’t depend on.  General rule of thumb:  When you purchase a new firearm, READ the manual, and clean your firearm by the book!  When the wife got her Walther PK380, I cleaned it, but not very good, (didn’t break it all the way down)….and it showed by the misfires at the range.  I took it home, cleaned it thoroughly, and had no problems since then.  Everyone has a different way to clean a firearm, do it the way you want as long as it is done safely, it is clean and functions after you put it back together!  Always clean your firearm after you get back from the range and double/triple check it is empty!!!!

     Several people have commented about the safety tips and how great that was…I will always talk safety.  Do you have a safety tip or have a thought?  Please send it to me and I will pass it on!

    WEBSITE:  Again, here is the link:  Look for updates and post comments.  What do you think about the You Tube “How to Tell a Police Officer You Are Armed”.   I thought this was a great idea!   I was stopped two years ago…Thank God I remembered to do all that!!!  I think the Officer cut me a break, since I had my rank insignia plastered all over the truck windows and I did show him my Military Retiree card and my Driver’s License.   At that point I figured it wouldn’t hurt.  I did keep my hands on the wheel and stated I was a CCW and was not carrying.  He actually seemed OK with that and wasn’t panicked like you see some Officers.  

     SERVICES:  If you have any ideas or other places, let me have them!!  I will post names on the site that offer other services, so Tom and Derick, let me know if you are OK with that and let me have a little write up and I’ll put it on the site!

     Thanks everyone!  Just remember to keep your finger off the trigger till you engage your target!!!

 Dave McDaniel

24 JUL 2013

     Just to let you all know that I will be closed Thursday and Saturday.  It has been a rough week for some reason…..nice cool weather and passing up opportunities to shoot.  Can’t let that happen too much in the future.

      Ammo has been a little loose, but still not what I would like.  Pricey ammo is out there still and I have some also.  I am getting a better price on 5.56MM and 9MM, so hopefully I will be able to pass some of those savings on to you. 

     I was at the Patriot Gun Show this past Saturday and not much success, but I did manage to show a few women on what they should be looking for when purchasing a firearm.  A lot of them want a Glock…..doesn’t matter if regular size or a sub-compact.  I asked them to charge the slide on my G26; which they couldn’t…then I asked them to do a Walther PK380…..What a difference!!!!   They were working it like crazy!!!!  If you are going to buy a firearm, see if you can rent one or shoot a friends to make sure you like how it handles.  There is nothing more than I hate is buying a firearm and it’s not quite as good as what you thought it would be.  Sometimes you can’t control that, but when looking, you should know what you want.  The women really thanked me because no one ever explained that to them.  How did I know?  The wife went thru the same scenario.  She fired a 9MM Glock at range, went to go buy one, and couldn’t charge the slide.  She was then handed a Walther PK380, which she could charge the slide like there was no tomorrow.  The Dealer explained when you fire /try out a weapon at the ranges, they may be “worn”.  When you buy a new one, look to see how “tight” it is and if you can actually work it.

     I have a 1911 that was a competition pistol.  NICE!!!!  BUT… is a very tight slide and it has had thousands of rounds put thru it.  Shoots great, I just can’t hit anything with it!!!  I took it back to my Boss; he fired a full clip in a quarter size area at 50 feet and threw it back to me and said it was me, not the gun!!!!!!   HA!!!!!       Lessons learned.  I just pass them on. 

     Life is too short, so enjoy your firearms.  I know a lot has been done to the industry here lately, so be careful what you buy and deal with reputable people only.   I try to do my best for you, so I may be able to help you, but remember; I have a cost that I cannot go below.  I can try to work with you, so please give me the chance.

     Check out my prices today!!!  I dropped my prices on what I could. 

     Thanks and keep that finger off the trigger until you engage your target!!!!

 Dave McDaniel


Hello one and all:  Looking ahead to next month……should see some Glock’s and Walther’s come in; at least so I am told by two of my distributors that I talked to this past week.  Of course, time will tell.

      I have some great deals on my current stock that I have on hand.  If you are interested, let me know.

      I will now send a price in writing to you for any firearm that you would like to get.  Let me know what you want and I will send you a written quote with a picture of the item and detail information about the product……then if you want it, a deposit and filling out an agreement to purchase and a NICS Background Check will take place.  I have approximately over 15 firearms on order…if they ever hit at once….I can’t afford to make a purchase on it and then you decide you don’t want it, or because the price is too high.  The prices that I place on my Wish list fluctuates, especially if it has been on my Wish list for two  months.  It is a guide.  Example:  The FNH’s I currently have on hand, my price went up $35.00 since I bought them.  I purchased them when they were in stock at the time.  If I place an item on my Wish list now and in two months I receive the item, the price will be higher in MOST cases ($10-$30). Another example is the Bushmaster CARB ORC I received today.  The price on my Wish list went up $45.00, (on Wish list for six weeks).

     I usually get called when items come in that are on my Wish list.  An example is of the Glock I have right now:  I put on my Wish list in April, came in $29 over the Wish list price.  Distributor asked me, “Do you still want it or not?  Someone else has it on their Wish list and I have to move on.”  At that point, I don’t have the time to call you; I have to press the Go button or be put at the end of a very long line to get the next available one. 

     ITEMS:  I’ve had some great responses with my customers and I really appreciate you inquiring about certain items.  I want to let you all know, if you are looking for whatever shooting relating items: bags, gun cases, magazines, locks, targets, reloading equipment/supplies, check with me first, please.  Give me a chance to see if I can get it for you better than what you can get it for.  I’ve got reloading supplies marked for delivery with two distributors; so if you know what powder, primers, bullets you need, let me know and I’ll make it part of my wish list.  Speaking of which……………..

     RELOADING:   Are you interested in reloading?  Not sure what to do or how to make bullets?  My boys and I have been reloading for about 20 years.  Of course, we only reloaded 30.06 and .223 Calibers.  The principals are all the same, you just have to be careful what you do and be very attentive to making it right.  So, if you are interested, let me know and I can put on a demonstration on reloading…although it may be limited to caliber of ammo available. 

     PRO’S AND CON’S OF RELOADING:  There is a big difference in the way you reload.  You can be very accurate for competition shooting, but never under-load for any type of target/plinking shooting.   COST:  Used to be a big difference, still today somewhat cheaper to reload if you can get the supplies.  I got into reloading when the boys started shooting the M1 Garand, a 30.06 Caliber.  To buy a box of 20 rounds back 22 years ago, 30.06 was $14.00.  I could reload a box of 20 for half that, $7.00 - $8.00 a box.  Of course, that meant the boys could shoot more for the same price. My friend Greg, my brother Mark and I reloaded about 100+ rounds back in February-March timeframe, took us a few hours, (2-3), but most of that was set-up time, about 45 minutes.  We had an assembly line going and the longest process is measuring the powder out for each cartridge.  TIME is another factor into reloading.  I reloaded 200 rounds myself the next day after Greg, but the die was already set up, and I just cranked out 200 rounds in 3 hours….by myself.  My arm was tired from cranking that lever about 600 times, but I had a great feeling filling up an ammo can of 200 rounds of 30.06.

     INTERESTED IN INVESTING INTO A RELOADING MACHINE?  A few months back, I had a couple of guys wanting to go in and buy an automated reloading machine.  That is still possible, but need to get a consensus on who is still interested.  Of course, you “buy” into the machine, but supply your own cartridges, powder, primers, and bullets.  Use of dies can be borrowed by other “members”, as a few of us discussed.  If you only reload 100-300 rounds a year:  not worth your investment or time.  More than 750 rounds per year:  maybe you want to look into it or get a starter kit yourself.  Starter kits are pretty reasonable and you can still learn from our group.  Supplies are a different matter, good luck getting them…………

     GUN SAFETY:  The right caliber for the right gun!  Just remember, if you are unsure what to fire thru it, DON’T!!!  Some manufacturers stamp what caliber to use on the gun…somewhere on it.  Some manufacturers don’t, so you have to remember, or look at the manual to see.  Some guns that I have purchased may shoot .22 Cal Magnum bullets.  Don’t mix magnum and regular .22 LR bullets!!  You may injure bystanders and yourself when the firearm blows up!  Just use common sense.  Shooting has been a sport that I have enjoyed since I was 8 ½ years old…let’s just say that is over 50 years’ worth of shooting.  I have seen a bunch of stupid things happen on a range and I have done some stupid things myself.  Most of those stupid things happen when you fall into a sense of “I know everything” or “nothing will happen to me”.   No one is immune to accidents, so think before you move or shoot with a firearm. 

     I have a friend Kevin developing  a webpage for me.  If you want to see some specifics things on that web site, let me have some ideas.  Some things Kevin is talking about is links to Manufacturer Manuals, other websites, etc….Give me some options what you may want to see or can think of that no other sites have.  Other links could be shooting ranges/areas, other gun dealers, etc.